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 For the week of March 18, 2019

Our Work for the Week:

SPELLING WORDS: down, rescue, chew, strap, clumps, blends, brings, tusks, quills, plants
*There will be a spelling test on FRIDAY this week.

Title: Amazing Animals
Genre: Informational Text
Skill: Drawing Conclusions Using Context

FUNDATIONS: We will continue with Unit 10 this week. We will learn about the vowel teams au and aw. We will also practice adding the suffix "s" to words with 5 sounds.

TRICK WORDS: how, now, down
WORDS OF THE DAY: strap, clumps

: We will continue to focus on adjectives and spend time writing sentences with adjectives.

MATH: This week we will begin Chapter 7 - Comparing Numbers. We will compare two digit numbers to determine which is more and which is less. We will explore and learn how to use the symbols < and > to compare numbers.

*Our Mad Minute scores are improving so much! Almost all of the students have been able to complete 30/30 addition problems in 2 1/2 minutes and many have already moved onto 40 problems. We will continue to take our mad minute quizzes almost every day and continue to increase the challenges with either more problems or less time! Make sure you are practicing a few minutes each night. You can use flashcards or apps on the ipad.

**Please note that if during the day we use pages out of our Big Math Book in class, I will send those pages home in the red take home folder so you can see how the lesson was taught during the day. It is my hope that, if needed, this will help you be able to assist your child with the homework that night. 

RELIGION: We will continue talking about Lent and the things we are trying to do each day to help us grow closer to God.

SCIENCE: We will begin an exciting unit on the life cycle of the chick! Our chick eggs have arrived and will be placed in the incubator on Monday! Over the next 21 days, we will keep a daily observation journal of the changes happening inside the eggs. This week we will learn about the parts of a fertilized egg and learn about the difference between oviparous animals (those that have young that hatch from eggs) and viviparous animals (those that have live young).

**As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

J. Minerva

Monday - Library (books from the previous week should be returned)
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - Gym (gym uniform should be worn)
Friday - Computer, Art

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