Mrs. O'Donnell

Some updates about the week of 5/15/17

Happy Mother's Day to all! I hope that all our moms enjoy their special day! We appreciate all that you do for our first graders and for our class. Thank you!

We should be seeing some movement in our incubator by Monday morning. Mrs. O'Donnell will come in on Sunday night and check on our hopeful new lives. 

Thursday will be our Earth Day Celebration. Please make sure to wear your gym uniform and any sneakers for today. It will be a hot one so please also wear sunscreen.

Friday is an 11:00 am dismissal. 

Summer uniforms begin on Monday. 

Spelling words: 


*Spelling test will be on Friday

Reading: We will read the realistic fiction story "The  Dot" It is about a young girl who thinks she can not draw and how she becomes to realize that she can and that art can be found anywhere!

Writing We will do some writing about sequencing the events of planting a seed

Math: We will finish up our measurement unit this week and take our test on Thursday. It will include measurment using the vocabualry of longer and shorter. It will also include using different tools to measure objects. We will also be teling time to hour and half hour.

**It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO CONTINUE PRACTICING OUR Addition FACTS AT HOME. It seems first graders are not as quick to answer facts as they were before the Christmas break. Please help them by reviewing their friends of 10 facts as well as doubles, doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1 facts***

We hope to see some chicks by Monday morning. Therefore we will be doing lots of real life observation of our furry friends!!


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