Mrs. O'Donnell

Some updates about the week of 2/13/17
We had a great time on our field trip. Thank you to Mrs. Radin and Mrs. Hoeffner for coming on the trip with us. We even made it to the school web page, if anyone wants to check us out!

Tuesday is Valentine's day. We will be having a Valentine's party in the classroom. If ifrst graders would like to bring in Valentine's for their classmates they are more than welcome to. Please make sure there is one for everyone in the class. Also please remember we are NUT FREE in first grade! 

Due to the snow day on Thursday, our 100th Day of first grade will be on Tuesday February 14th as well. Should be a very exciting day!


Spelling words: 

*Spelling test will be on Friday

Reading: We will read the fictional story, The Big Trip. We will also read the informational text, Lewis and Clark's Big Trip. 

Phonics: We will be talking about vowel sounds made by  ee and ea. 

Math:  We will review for our math test on Monday and take our test on Tuesday. We will begin chapter 6, counting to 120 on Wednesday. 

**It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO CONTINUE PRACTICING OUR Addition FACTS AT HOME. It seems first graders are not as quick to answer facts as they were before the Christmas break. Please help them by reviewing their friends of 10 facts as well as doubles, doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1 facts***

Social Studies:
Last week we began reading a first grade favorite, Flat Stanley. Look out for our Flat Stanley packet in first grade folders in the early part of next week. Our Flat Stanley's will help us begin learning about communities and our surroundings. 

Religion: This week we will begin chapter 15. We will be leaning about the Golden Rule, Love God with all your heart, with all your mind and all your soul. 

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