Mrs. O'Donnell
Some updates for the week: 4/16/18

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the good weather on Saturday. We have a full week and lots to cover!

Work for the week:

Spelling words for this week: her, hurt, third, your, turn, these, those, our, bird, other

Reading: We will be reading the inforational text called Amazing Animals. We will be reading about different types of animals and how their unique bodies help them to survive. 

Phonics: This week we will be talking about the sounds made by -ir and -ur. 

Writing: We will be writing about our chick predictions! We will make some educated guesses about which chick will hatch first and what to name it. 


Math: We will continue chapter 8- addition and subtraction using 2 digit numbers. We will be adding two digit numbers with and without regrouping. 


Science: We will begin our life cycle unit. We continue to talk about the chick life cyle everyday. This week we will be also learning about the life cycle of a frog. We will be writing about the forgs life cycle and comparing it to the chick's life cycle. 

Special Schedule:
Monday Computer
Tuesday Spanish
Wednesday Art
Thursday Music
Friday Library & Gym

*Please wear your gym uniform and sneakers on Friday*

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