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Math Test Chapter 1 on Monday 9/24

Class Picture is on Monday Sept. 24th! 

Week of September 24th__________________________
Monday: Math p. 25 and 26 and spelling lesson 3 menu
Tuesday: Math p. 27 and 28 and spelling lesson 3 menu
Wednesday: Math p. 29 and 30 and spelling lesson 3 menu
Thursday: Math p. 31 and 32 and spelling lesson 3 menu/ Phonics and spelling assessment tomorrow. September Reading Packet due tomorrow! 
Social Studies Test Chapter 1 Test on Thursday, October 4th

Homework Week of October 1st_____________________
Monday: Math p. 33 and 34 and spelling lesson 4 menu
Tuesday: Math p. 35 and 36 and spelling lesson 4 menu
Wednesday: Math p. 37 and 38 and spelling lesson 4 menu
Thursday: Math p. 39 and 40 and spelling lesson 4 menu/ Reading and spelling assessment tomorrow. Work on October Reading Packet! 
Social Studies Test Chapter 1 Test on Thursday, October 4th.

Parent University Tuesday: October 16th at 7pm 
Great time to learn and explore our Go Math Program

Science Animal Project Due Friday, November 2nd. 

ELA: Lesson 3: Dogs
HFW: city, full, no, other, places, put, school, sing, think, this Vocab: hairy, mammals, litter, stayed, canned, chews, clipped, coat
Vocab Strategy: Multiple-Meaning Words
Phonics: Long vowels a, i, Sounds for /c/
Comprehension Skill: Author’s Purpose
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Grammar: Types of Sentences 
Spelling and Vocabulary Words refer to Focus Walls under "Class Resources"

Lesson 4: Diary of a Spider
HFW: by, cheer, could, hello, hundred, mind, play, read, see, today
Vocab: insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, judge
Vocab Strategy: Context Clues
Phonics: Long vowels o, u, e,
Sounds for /g/
Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Summarize
Grammar: What is a noun?
Spelling and Vocabulary Words refer to Focus Walls under "Class Resources"

Science: Unit 3: All About Animals
We are learning about animal needs, some types of animals, how body coverings help animals, animal life cycles, fossils, and how to model a fossil. There are many kinds of animals. Animals need certain things to live and grow. Fossils help us learn about animals that lives long ago.
Vocabulary focus: shelter, survive, lungs, gills, mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, insect, life cycle,
reproduce, tadpole, larva, pupa, metamorphosis, extinct, fossil

Religion: Chapter 3: We Celebrate God's Love
We will continue to learn about the work of Jesus and the beginning of the church. Jesus gathered many if his disciples, Jesus died and rose to new life, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit helps the church to grow. We will briefly discuss seven special sacraments
Vocabulary Focus: Catholics, parishes, faith, worship, sacrament

Social Studies:  Chapter 1- Where We Live.
Students will focus on different types of communities and map skills. This unit introduces children to the different places in which people live and describes characteristics of each of these different places.
Vocabulary Focus: vote, law, rural, capital, community, history, urban, suburb

Math: Chapter 2: Number Sense and Place Value
Students will learn different forms of numbers, different ways to show numbers, number patterns, comparing numbers and solving problems, number names, grouping numbers as tens, hundreds, thousands, modeling three and four digit numbers
Vocab. Focus: hundred, thousand, compare, = is equal to, > is great than, < is less than

Reminders: Please fill out all forms sent home and please send in money for the assignment pad and for scholastic. $5 each

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(516) 432-8900

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