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Happy Fall

To view pictures of our class cuties please go to

Please bring in gravy for our food drive.

Trip permission slip and $16 due by November 30th. We are seeing Scrooge at the Bellmore Playhouse on Monday, December 17th. We will be leaving at 9 am and will be back at 12pm. 

Please bring in two toilet paper rolls when you are finished using the paper. We are using the cardboard for a Thanksgiving and Christmas craft.  

November Reading Packet: 4 Choices will be due November 30th

Math Test: Wednesday, November 14th

Social Studies: Test Thursday, November 15th Please remember to bring all books back to school. 

Homework for week of November 5th ___________________

Monday: Spelling Menu Lesson 9 and Math pages 67 and 68
Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 9 and Math pages 69 and 70
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 9 and Math pages 71 and 72
Thursday: Spelling Menu Lesson 9 and Math pages 73 and 74  Spelling and Reading Quiz on Friday. No School on Monday, Veterans' Day

Lesson 9: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes

HFW: afraid, dark, for, kept, many, might, own, show, why, would
Vocab: tunnel, curled, height, direction, toward, healed, brag, tease
Vocab Strategy: Synonyms
Phonics: Base Words and Endings -ed, -ing;
CVC Syllable Pattern
Comprehension Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Summarize
Grammar: Verbs in the Present

Religion- Chapter 9: God Gives us Laws
Students will learn that God gave us laws called commandments. By obeying these laws, we show love and respect for God, ourselves, and others.
Vocabulary Focus: commandments, Great Commandments, Ten Commandments

Homework for week of November 13th ___________________

Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 10 and Math pages 75 and 76. Math test tomorrow.
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 10 and Social Studies Test tomorrow. 
Thursday: Spelling Menu Lesson 10 and Math pages 79 and 80
Spelling and Reading Quiz on Friday

Religion- Chapter 10: We Follow God’s Law
Children will learn about following God’s commandments. They will learn about God’s mercy toward us when we fail to follow the commandments.
Vocabulary Focus: free will, mortal sins, mercy, venial sins, sin

Lesson 10: Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish
HFW: because, better, go, me, old, really, right, they, was, you
Vocab: millions, choices, drift, simple, weaker, wrapped, disgusting, decide
Vocab Strategy: Base Words and Suffixes -er, -est
Phonics: Contractions
Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion
Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify
Grammar: Verbs: Present, Past, and Future

Homework for week of November 19th ___________________

Monday: Math Only pages 81 and 82
Tuesday: Math only pages 83 and 84
Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving! 

Religion- Chapter 11: We Prepare for the Sacrament of Forgiveness
Children will learn about the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
Vocabulary Focus: Penance and Reconciliation, conscience

ELA: We will be reading Poppleton in Winter by Cynthia Rylant. Students will be working on a Thanksgiving writing activity. 

Monthly Focus__________________________________________

Science-Unit 4: All About Plants

Students will learn about plant needs, what plants need to grow, what are some plant parts, what are some plant life cycles, and how a bean plant can grow. All plants need certain things to live and grow. Plants have parts that help them grow and change.

Vocabulary Focus: basic needs, nutrients, flower, seed, pollen, seed, seedling, germinate, cone

Math- Chapter 3: Addition and Subtraction

Students will be able to build fluency in addition and subtraction, add and subtract within 20, represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction, work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication, use double facts, use ten strategy to add, add three numbers, relate addition and subtraction, draw to represent problems.

Vocabulary Focus: difference, bar model, number sentence, addition sentence, row, differences, related facts, count back, addends, count on, sums, doubles

Social Studies- Unit 2: Our Earth

Students will learn map skills, globe skills, landforms and water on a map, different communities, how climate affected where people lived, chart and graph skills, read a bar graph

Vocabulary Focus: geography, landform, ancestor, producer, consumer, natural resource, crop, conservation, mountain, plain, valley, island, peninsula, ocean, river, lake

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