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Math Chapter 11 Geometry Test: Thursday, June 13th 
Please bring math homework books to school! We will be doing the "Getting Ready for Third Grade" portion in school

May/June reading is combined since we have a busy month in May. Four choices will be due Thursday, June 13th

Second Grade Beach Day is Friday, June 14th - Please make sure to sign the bottom of the notice that went home if your child will not be returning to school that day. 

June 10th Homework___________________________________

Monday: Math pages 255, 256
Tuesday: Math pages 257, 258
Wednesday: Math pages 259, 260 Test tomorrow
Thursday: No Homework, Beach Day is tomorrow 

ELA- We will be reading, "Exploring Space Travel."
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 June 17th Week _____________________________________

Monday: Math worksheet
Tuesday: Math worksheet

We will be reviewing and getting ready for third grade :)

Our Last Day is Thursday, June 20th

Monthly Focus-----------------------------------------------------------------

Religion- Chapter 25: We Honor Mary and the Saints

Students will learn how the church honors the saints, how they honors Mary, we honor Mary with special prayers, and we honor Mary on special days.
Vocabulary Focus: saints, procession

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Chapter 26: We Show Love and Respect
Students will learn we live in God’s love, Jesus taught us to love others, we love and respect others, and we respect God’s creation.
Vocabulary Focus: new commandment

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Chapter 11:Geometry Fraction Concepts and Making Geometry Kites in School

What objects match two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and how can you show equal parts of shapes?

Vocab: cube, rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder, cone, face, edge, vertex, sides, vertices, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, angle, halves, thirds, fourths, half of, third of, fourth of, quarter of

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Social Studies-
 Unit 6 People and Places in History

Vocabulary Focus: immigrant, holiday, custom, landmark, artifact, invention, communication

We will learn about many immigrants, hoping for a better way of life, entered the United States through Ellis Island and Angel Island. Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman in space, exemplifies courage in action. Then we will focus on family customs, national landmarks, important inventions, reading charts and graphs, and how technology changes our world.

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Science: Unit 9: Changes in Matter

Matter can have different properties. Matter can be a solid, liquid, or a gas. The properties of matter change.
L.1  What is matter?
L.2  How Can we Compare Volumes?
L. 3 How Does Matter Change?
L.4 How Can Water Change States?
Vocabulary: matter, property, mass, volume, solid, liquid, gas, water vapor, condensation, evaporation

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Unit 10: Energy and Magnets

Heat, light, and sound are forms of energy. Magnets attract some objects and repel others.
L.1 What is energy?
L.2 What are magnets?
L.3 How strong is a magnet?
Vocabulary: energy, sound, heat, light, vibrate, pitch, loudness, magnet, pole, repel, attract

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