Mrs. O'Donnell
Week of Oct, 23,2018

Reminders: We will continue with two more days of Iowa Testing this week.  Monday will be Math part 1 and Tuesday we will  do Math part 2.  There are no classes on Friday October 26th as it is a professional day for the Diocese.  We will begin our "in class" projects in thee middle of thee week  On Wednesday we will also be having a Fire Prevention Presentation.. A Unit test in Science is planned for Monday Oct. 29th.  

Homework for week of OCT. 23, 2018

Monday: Math p.47.48;  Read 20 min;  Spelling game board start
Tuesday: Math p. 49,50  Read 20 min.;  Spelling game board 
Wednesday:  Math 53-54  Read 20 min.; spelling game board 

ELA. Lesson Our story of the week is "The Ugly Vegetables".  Our target skill is drawing conclusions  The target strategy is learning to analyze and evaluate.  
Phonics: focus is on "ck" and other double consonants.
We will focus on proper nouns in grammar.
 Vocabulary: We will review unit vocabulary and concepts from the chapter

Science: Unit 3: All About Animals 
We will continue to learn about animals and their life cycles.
We will learn about dinosaurs and the importance of fossils. We will also review in preparation for the test on Oct.29.

Religion: Chapter 6- This weeks lessons will focus on the structure of the Church year and the meaning of Ordinary time.

Social Studies:  Chapter 2- Students will learn more about our earth. We will discuss the  meaning of the word "geography." We will observe different kinds of land forms such as hills,valleys plains and mountains. We will also be learning about water formations such as rivers lakes and seas. We will begin work on our projects in class

Math: Chapter 3- We will begin this chapter .Lessons this week will include: double facts;math vocabulary and how we go about finding sums. 

Spelling words


**Spelling tests will be on Friday’s 

Special Schedule:
Monday: Library 
Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Spanish
Thursday: Art and Music
Friday: Gym Please Wear gym uniform and sneakers on Fridays. 

If if you have any questions , don't hesitate to contact me at: