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Field Day is on Tuesday, May 28th.  Children will be bused to the Rec and all students in 2-1 should wear white t-shirts (we are the white team!), gym shorts, and sneakers.  Hats and sunscreen will be necessary!  Students are asked to bring a brown bag lunch - no drinks in glass bottles.  Drinks should be in disposable bottles!

Class 2-1 and 2-2 will be having a FREE N.U.T. Day on Wednesday, May 29th!  This is a nice reward for 100% participation in the Walk-a-thon! 


Homework - Week of May 20, 2019

PARENTS:  You are asked to check AND sign both Spelling and Math
homework each night...thank you!


Math:  No Math HW, test on Wednesday on Chapter 10

Spelling No Spelling HW!

Reading:  20 minutes each day!


No Homework!
Thank your parents for everything they have done for you these past weeks! God bless you and God bless our families! 


  Computation Practice sheet

  Write the first 6 spelling words 3 times each. 

seated, keeps, speed, seen, means, clean

groan, roast, bowls, crow, owe, grown

Reading:  20 minutes!


Math:  P239 and P240

Spelling:  Write the last 6 Spelling words 3 times each

Reading:  20 minutes each day!

Have a great weekend! 
Enjoy walking in the Memorial Day Parade and having the day off on Monday...but  don't forget to say a prayer for those
who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country!

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This Week's Topics:


Lesson 30: Now and Ben

Spelling Words:

seated, keeps, speed, seen, means, clean

groan, roast, bowls, crow, owe, grown


HFW: almost, dear, door, from, money, pushed, remember, sometimes, together, years

Vocab: inventions, remarkable, designed, amounts, accomplishments, achieve, composed, results


Vocab Strategy: Root Words

Phonics: Reading longer words with long vowels o & e

Final Stable Syllable -le

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

Target Strategy: Visualize

Grammar: Choose Between Adjectives and Adverbs



We are continuing with Chapter 10, Data,  and we will have a test on this Chapter on Wednesday, May 22.  We will beginning our next Chapter on Geometric Shapes and Fraction Concepts!  


Religion: Ch. 22 God Call Us to Love and Serve

We will be learning how God calls people to serve him


We are continuing our work with a BOCES Science kit that centers on measurement.  We will complete a lab a week!  We are continuing a Unit on the Solar System.

Social Studies

We will learn about the first Americans, Native Americans and how different regions of our country affected how people lived.  We are looking at how their lifestyles are reflective of where they live.  Native American clothing was both practical and decorative.  St. Augustine, Jamestown, and Plymouth were among the first European settlements, the celebration of Thanksgiving, history map, the formation of the 13 colonies, Paul Revere, Lewis and Clarke and a timeline of their expedition, in the 1860's a railroad was built to join the 2 coasts, and Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas helped slaves find freedom.

Vocabulary Focus: shelter, tradition, explorer, colony, colonist, independence, pioneer

Whats Happening in 2nd Grade???

Study your Basic Math Facts!  
It's the best way to meet with success in Math!!!

Just a reminder that Math Extra Help has ended for the year! 

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Library 

Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Spanish
Thursday: Art and Music
Friday: Gym (Please wear your gym uniform and sneakers on Fridays.) 

If you have any questions , please don't hesitate to contact me at: 

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