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Homework - Week of February 11, 2019  


Math:  Before Friday...please send in a labeled zip-lock bag filled with cash!  Guess who is starting time and money!
Please, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 5 nickels and 10 pennies in your child's bag.
I will do my best to get it back to you!

There will be a Chapter 6 Math assessment on Wednesday.

Spelling:  Gameboard, 4 choices this week!  
Study Spelling words, test on Friday!

Reading:  20 minutes each day!

Social Studies
:  Test on Unit 4 tomorrow!

I have linked the Chapter notes in the Class Resources section of this web page and your child has a review sheet stapled in their assignment pad. 


Math:  Finish coin collection!  Students began this in class...we drew each coin (penny, nickel, dime and quarter), labeled the drawings and listed how much each coin was worth...this is due on Thursday!
Spelling:  Gameboard, Study Spelling words, test on Friday!
Reading:  20 minutes!


Math: Work on your coin collection picture...parents....
you could have them explain the coins!
Spelling:  Gameboard, Study Spelling words, test on Friday!
Reading:  20 minutes!

Math:  pages P157 ONLY
Spelling:  Gameboard, Study Spelling words, test tomorrow!
         Reading:  20 minutes!

ELA:  This week we will work on Lesson 20. 

Phonics will include words with -or and -ore
Grammar will focus on the use of commas in a series.
We will be working on narrative writing projects
and reading materials
related to this unit.

Spelling Words:  
horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born, tore, forget

There will be a Math assessment on Wednesday...please keep working on your subtraction skills and number facts!  The assessment will include 
3-digit addition (regroup 1's, 10's and 100's), 3 digit subtraction (regroup 1, 10's and 100's) and, as always, review of previously learned skills.
As we begin our study of time and money, please work with your child!  Allow them to handle coins...count money for you...and begin to work on reading an analog clock...I am linking some great websites in the Class Resources section!  Look in the Math folder!

We are continuing to focus on the Mass and we are discuss
the Liturgy of the Word and the appropriate responses at Mass.  Please encourage your child to describe what you see together at Mass!  

: We will continue to focus on Unit 6 which deals with changes that can occur to the earth’s surface and the resources that the earth provides
like rocks, plants and water.  They will be looking for natural resources!

Social Studies:   Assessment on Unit 4 this week and we will begin looking at the early days of our country when we return from vacation!

Whats Happening in 2nd Grade???

Grandparents' Day- February 14 

Study your Basic Math Facts!  
It's the best way to meet with success in Math!!!

Extra Help in Math is on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Please let me know if your child be attending
(Monday would be great) so that I can prepare sufficient materials!

Specials Schedule

Monday: Library 

Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Spanish
Thursday: Art and Music
Friday: Gym (Please wear your gym uniform and sneakers on Fridays.) 

If you have any questions , please don't hesitate to contact me at: 

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