Meet Mrs. O'Donnell

Hello My Name Is...

<Mrs. O'Donnell>

Thank you for visiting the first grade page. My name is Mary O'Donnell and this is my seventh year teaching first grade at Long Beach Catholic Regional School. 
I am a certified early childhood teacher and I am also certified to work with students with disabilities. I earned my undergraduate degree from Stonehill College in Massachusetts and I completed my graduate work at Adelphi University right here on Long Island. I am currently taking some classes at Molloy to further my education and continue to become the best teacher I can be! 
Fun Fact #1: My career as a learner began right here at L.B.C.R.S. with our very own Ms. Priestley when she was our Kindergarten teacher. L.B.C.R.S. is not only a great place to go to school it is a great place to work and I love every minute that I am here. 
Fun Fact #2 Mrs. O'Donnell and Mr. O'Donnell (Dave to any of my former students) adopted a dog last year. His name is Buster and he is a Mini Schnauzer Pomeranian mix. He is four years old and he loves to take long walks and play fetch! 
Fun Fact #3 I love working and living in the community. I enjoy seeing my students around town and being able to wave to them. You can usually find me running or riding my bike on the boardwalk and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Long Beach offers year round.