Mrs. Williams


February 27, 2017

Dear Students & Parents,
Hope everyone had an enjoyable, restful and relaxing vacation! I am looking forward to hearing all about the exciting things the children have done all week.
This week begins the season of Lent, which we will celebrate as a school at our Ash Wednesday Mass. This Mass will take place at 11:00a.m. in our school gym.
Previous to the vacation, a supply replenishment letter went home. A huge thank you to all the families who have already sent in the supplies! Could the family who sent me an Amazon order please let me know? If the remaining families could please send in supplies by the end of the week that would be greatly appreciated.

Important Things to Know This Week:
**Don't forget to check, sign and return their Friday folders. 
1. A religion test on the Liturgy of the Word will be given on Tuesday, March 7th. Students will be responsible for knowing the order of the events (First Reading, Psalm, Second Reading, Gospel Reading, Homily, Creed and Prayer of the Faithful), as well as, what happens during each part. A review sheet and their religion workbook will go home nightly. This book MUST come back and forth as we will be using it in school each day.
2. The final reading activity for February is due on Friday. February logs and folders are also due so that we can put in the March work.  
3. A spelling test on Week 21 words plus two quizzes based on our reading or ELA work this week will be given on Friday. 

In reading this week we will be:
-reading "Penguin Chick" and "Emperor Penguins" - Students will be working on identifying the main idea and supporting details of both these pieces.  
-participating in our Daily 3 activities (guided reading, word work, work on writing, listen to reading and read to self/someone). 
-improving our reading stamina during silent reading time in the afternoons. Students will receive a focus card with a personal goal. 
-working on differentiated reading activities designed to help students improve their weakest areas (fluency, comprehension, decoding).

In language arts this week we will be:
-learning about the spelling pattern of /er/ - this weeks spelling words will focus on this phonics skill.
-learning more about the r-controlled sound made by /at/,/or/ and /ore/.
-reviewing how to use commas.
-learning about adjectives.
-writing narratives about what they think a day in the life of a penguin or polar bear would be like. 
-working on our handwriting skills. 

In math, we will be working on Chapter 7 - Time and Money. This chapter will expand on the basic skills they have previously learned about counting coins and telling time to half hour/hour. Before vacation we were working on counting collections of coins and showing the same amount in two different ways. We will review these concepts and then move onto counting amounts that are greater than $1.00. Later in the week we will then move onto time concepts. We will start with telling time to the half hour, hour and 5-minute intervals.  Students should practice both of these skills at home as often as possible. Despite moving onto a new chapter, we will still continue to review 3-digit addition and subtraction because regrouping has not been mastered yet.  


In science we will be working on Chapter 1 - All About Plants. This chapter will be both a review and an expansion on previously learned concepts about plants from first grade. This week we will be focused on the adaptations of prairie plants. We will also continue to use our BOCES Science Kit - First Look at Soil, which provides us with many hands-on activities. Our next experiment will be on percolation! 

In Social Studies we will continue with Unit 4 - Our Country Today. This unit will focus on the parts of government and how our country is run. We will be reading about important historical figures in government and learn how to locate information in a table. This week we will focus on learning about the parts of the state government, its job and how it works. Discovery Education and trade books will help us bring these difficult concepts to life in the classroom.

In religion we will be reviewing Chapter 17 - We Celebrate the Liturgy of the Word. In Chapter 16, the children learned that we are united to Christ and one another at Mass. In this chapter the children learned that the Liturgy of the Word is an integral part of the Mass.  In class we will spend time going over each part of the first part of Mass, who is responsible for it and what it means. We will use our workbook, worksheets with pictures and internet viewings of Mass to help students gain a stronger sense of understanding.    
The Liturgy of the Word test will be given on Tuesday, March 7th. Students should be studying a little bit each night. Once we complete Chapter 18 - Liturgy of the Eucharist, a separate assessment will be given.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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