Mrs. Williams

lent May 29, 2018

Dear Students & Parents,

Wow! Our May Crowning Mass was beautiful! 

***Field Trip Money is due by Tuesday! If your child is not going on the field trip, I need to know that by Tuesday as well. Thank you.
Important Things to Know This Week
1. Reading pocket activities and May Log are due on Friday.
2. There will be a Religion Quiz on Chapter 26 on Friday, June 1st. Students will receive a short review sheet on Tuesday and their workbooks to study from.
3. Our field trip to The Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay will be on Friday, June 8th. Permission slips were sent home last week and are due back no later than Tuesday, May 29th. 
4. Second Grade Beach Day will be on Friday, June 15th. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks.  

In reading this week we will be:
-expanding our Daily 3 activities (guided reading, word work, work on writing, listen to reading and read to self/someone). 
-working on differentiated reading activities (iPads and Kids A-Z accounts) designed to help identify students strengths and weaknesses in reading (fluency, comprehension, decoding).
-continuing to read fractured fairy tales. Students will be selecting their favorite fairy tale and rewriting it from a different characters point of view to create their own fractured tale.

In language arts this week we will be:
-reviewing vowel digraphs.
-learning how to choose an adverb or adjective to complete a sentence.
-writing supportive details for given opinions.
-reviewing how to write opinions.
-working on our handwriting skills.

In math, we have completed the Second Grade curriculum and will not be moving onto the Preparation for 3rd Grade Lessons that can be found in our math workbooks. Each night they will receive a Math worksheet that coincides with the concepts we are reviewing in class. We will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our math fact skills with 5-minute challenges; our goal will be to always improve our old scores.   

In science we will be finishing Chapter 4 - How Living Things Grow and Change. This chapter will continue to coincide with our Frog life cycle. This week we will be reading about the life cycle of a bean plant and how are young plants like their parents.  Students will use trade books to find additional facts that they can use to support their writing.   

In Social Studies we will be working on Unit 6- People and Places in History. This unit will expose students to the many different ways cultures celebrate traditions, as well as, important figureheads in history. This week we will focus on how people around the world celebrate. 

In religion we will be reviewing Chapter 26 - We Show Love and Respect. In Chapter 25 the children learned that the Church honors Mary and the Saints. In this chapter they will learn about loving and respecting all of God's creations. The following topics will guide our discussions: 
-We live in God's love.
-Jesus taught us to love others.
-We love and respect others.
-We respect God's creation.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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