Mrs. Williams

welcome  October 16, 2017

Dear Students & Parents,

We have another busy week ahead of us! I cannot express how impressed I am with the ease that we have been able to transition into and out of IOWAs each morning and back into our regular academic schedules.  Last week we completed all of the math sections and this week we will be focusing on the reading/ela sections. :-)
Please continue to complete 1 reading response activity with your child each week. If they complete this early, by all means please send it in with them. The October reading log should be completed each night as well.  This will be collected at the end of next week.     

Important Things to Know This Week

***IOWA testing will be on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. 
***Class Picture Day is Monday! Regular uniforms also begins Monday. This means on gym days the gym sweatpants must be worn from this point forward.
***No school on Tuesday due to a professional development day for teachers.
1. A spelling test on Week 6 Words will be given on Friday. Students will also be asked to write one complete sentence using any spelling word they'd like. There will also be a grammar quiz based on this weeks skills.
2. The Chapter 2 Science Test will be given on Thursday, October 19th. Students have brought home their green notebooks (class notes can be found in the front section), a completed review packet (kept in their take-home folders), and their science textbook (can be left home until Thursday) to review from each night. The test will be a combination of fill-in-the-blank, short answer, multiple choice, and extended response questions.  
3. Scholastic Book Flyers for October will be sent home this week. The October due date is October 24th.
4. We have booked our first field trip for November. This trip will not affect lunch time as we will be back in time for lunch/recess. The field trip permission slip will go home this week as well. 
5. This week students will be bringing home an Animal Research Project. Each child will be assigned an animal to research (with the help of a large foam dice mind you!). They should use the internet and children's science books (plan a trip to the local library together) or any books they might already have at home to look up facts about their animals habitat, diet, characteristics, etc. They will have a couple of weeks to complete this and all instructions/details/rubrics will be sent home on Wednesday. 

In reading this week we will be:
-reading "Animals Building Homes" and "Whose Home is This?". These two stories will help us to answer the essential question of What are animal homes like? They will also focus on the reading skill of identifying text and graphic features.
-continuing to implement our Daily 3 activities (guided reading, word work, work on writing, listen to reading and read to self/someone). 
-working on differentiated reading activities (iPads and Kids A-Z accounts) designed to help identify students strengths and weaknesses in reading (fluency, comprehension, decoding). 
-beginning to read holiday themed stories.  

In language arts this week we will be:
-learning about final consonant blends (example: sink). Our spelling words this week will focus on this spelling pattern.
-learning more about plural nouns (-s and -es).
-learning about nouns that change their spelling as plurals (ex: wolf, wolves).
-identifying the main idea of a paragraph.
-reviewing subjects and predicates.
-working on our handwriting skills, which I am very impressed by already! 

In math, we will be nearing the end of Chapter 2 - Numbers to 1,000. In this chapter students will extend their understanding of base-ten notation by focusing on 3-digit numbers and learning ways to represent their place values. This week we will concentrate on counting forward and backwards by 10 and 100, identifying number patterns, comparing numbers, and problem solving with 3-digit numbers. We will also be starting to practice our math facts more regularly; our goal will be to always improve our old scores in Mad Minutes. :-)  

In science we will be reviewing Chapter 2 - All About Animals. This week the students will be partner studying daily in preparation for our test on Thursday.  Please make sure their review packet has remained in their take-home folder from weekend studying. Students will also continue to bring home their green notebook each night, which has a review sheet taped in at the end of the notes from the chapter. Science is in the front section of the notebook. A copy of our class notes has been uploaded under Test Resources just in case any of their writing is illegible (for their first attempts at copying notes they did great, but here and there some of the words blended together). The test on Chapter 2 All About Animals will be on Thursday, October 19th. See above for additional test details.     

In Social Studies we will be finishing Unit 1 - Where We Live. This unit lends itself quite nicely to establishing high levels of respect and caring within our classroom. Last week we learned about our country in relation to the world. This week we will be learning about the daily lives of children around the world. By mid-week we will be completing a short review packet for the unit, which will go home and should remain in their take-home folders just as science did. A test on Unit 1 will be given on Thursday, October 26th. Once again green notebooks will go home daily with a review sheet taped in at the end of the S.S. notes (the back portion of the notebook). The Social Studies textbooks may be left at home until the day of the test as well.  

In religion we will be finishing Chapter 5 - We Celebrate Confirmation. In Chapter 4 the children learned that at Baptism we become children of God and members of the Church In this chapter they will learn that the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way in the sacrament of Confirmation. The following topics will guide our discussions:
-We celebrate the Gift of the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation
-Confirmation seals us with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and strengthens us. 
-We celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation with special words and actions. 
-The Holy Spirit helps baptized Catholics and confirmed Catholics.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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