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March 2, 2018    Image result for Lent

Dear Families, 

I am glad to see that everyone is feeling better.  We have had 100% attendance for two days!  I hope that the new month brings good health to everyone.  Over the next few weeks we will be working on many activities.  However, our most important focus will be on ways that we can make ourselves better during Lent.  We will be working on class activities, and we encourage the children to also check their daily Lenten calendars and to attend Mass on the weekends.  

We have been working hard on fractions in math class.  The children are learning new rules and practicing writing fractions in different ways.  We are also working on finding the fraction of a group.  Please be sure that the children practice these every day.  Multiplication March Madness will also be beginning soon.  This is a tournament where the students compete to get the most correct multiplication problems in a given amount of time. Please be sure they are practicing those facts!

Next week we will be reading "The Albertosaurus Mystery" and the children will be learning about how the author uses details to help the readers visualize what is being described in the story.  They will also be learning to use adjectives in their writing to help describe things. 

We will be beginning a new unit in social studies which will be about how inventions and discoveries helped communities to grow.  The children will be learning about major inventions that were used to help build cities as well as smaller and more modern inventions that have changed our world.  They may even have a chance to create their own invention!

In religion we will be learning about vocations and how some people are called to religious life as priests, deacons, and sisters.  We will be learning about what these people do and the promises that they make when they choose this life.  We are lucky to have great role models of these people right in our own community.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Mrs. Toritto 

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