Mrs. Toritto
Dear Families, 

Happy Spring!  We have a short but busy week.  Here's hoping for good things! I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday for conferences.  

This week we will continue to work on comparing fractions.  This is a very tricky concept, so please be sure when your children are doing their homework that they use the rules that we have written down and draw a picture if necessary.  

We will be reading a play this week called "Two Bear Cubs". The children will continue learning about story structure and finding details in the story that tell about the plot and describe the setting and the characters. We will also keep working on identifying adjectives and comparing with adjectives.  The children should all have their pictures of themselves in school and will be writing about themselves describing both their appearance and their personality using interesting adjectives. 

In social studies we will be beginning a new unit about how the economy affects communities.  We will be learning about supply and demand, needs and wants, making budgets, and a little bit of marketing!  This is always a fun topic for the children as it is very connected to real life!  

Finally, in religion we will keep learning about Lent.  We will also be learning about the sacraments. The children will learn about the symbols and traditions of each sacrament and what we are celebrating during each sacrament. 

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Mrs. Toritto

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