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October 13,2017

Dear Families, 

It looks like autumn has arrived!  I hope that everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and that you all have a great weekend.  I hear that many pumpkins are being picked this weekend!

Next week we will be continuing with the Iowa tests.  Please be sure that your child arrives to school on time.  We will be beginning the tests each day at 8:20.

In math we will continue working on showing data using graphs.  The children will learn this week to use bar graphs and line plots.  They will be creating their own graphs as well.  The children will also be continuing to work on addition and subtraction.  Please have them keep working on their facts at home too.  Multiplication is just around the corner!

We will continue working on the story about Roberto Clemente throughout the week.  The children will be learning to find cause and effect using keywords and will write their own sentences using these keywords.  I look forward to seeing everyone's projects comparing Roberto Clemente and Derek Jeter too!  In ELA we will be working on the different kinds of nouns.  The children will have a quiz on Friday about all of the types of nouns.

We have been discussing, reading about, watching videos, and even singing about landforms in social studies.  We will be learning how to use a landform map and then talking about how natural resources and the geography of a place affect the way that people live.  For those of you traveling on the weekends, we would love to see pictures of the kids near different types of landforms!

In religion we will finish chapter 3 which talks about Jesus coming again and how we can live our lives according to the Great Commandment in order to prepare for that coming.  The children will have a test on this chapter on Wednesday.  Please be sure that they study the stories and the vocabulary.

I hope everyone has a great week.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call the school. 

Mrs. Toritto

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