Mrs. Tucci

February 27, 2017

Dear Students & Parents,

Our work this week:

Math - We will continue to study fractions and develop an understanding of fractions as numbers. Our lessons will focus on representing and locating fractions on a number line, relating fractions as whole numbers, and learning how fractions can name a part of a group. 
It is still VERY important that the children continue to practice their facts every night. Thank you for your support!  :)

- As we read our story, Judy Moody Saves the World!, we will pay special attention to details about the characters, setting, and plot events in the first chapter. We will then look to see how the second chapter uses those details to continue the story.  

ELA- Our lessons will include: spelling and writing words with /ar/ and /ir/ sounds; identifying and using adjectives; acquiring and using Target Vocabulary.

Religion - We will learn about the Seven Sacraments as the special signs of God's love. We will also learn how Jesus gave us the sacraments so that we, too, can participate in the life of God. 

Science - We will begin our unit on Energy.  We will learn that energy is the ability to do work. We will learn that energy can be stored in objects and that stored energy can be changed into other forms of energy. 

Social Studies - Please check Mrs. Toritto's website for important reminders and updates. 

Mrs. Tucci
(516) 432 - 8900