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Week of February 13th: 
We will have our Winter Carnival on Friday, February 17th! Thank you to our middle school students and teachers for always hosting our awesome carnival events! :) 

ng 4-1:
We will be working on our Figurative Language V-Day mailboxes this week in Reading class. Each student is welcome to bring in a valentine for each member of our class. (We have 18 students in our class)

Toward the end of our week, we will be practicing for the ELA State Test. 

Science 4th Grade:

Unit B Chapter 1:Measuring Matter
What is matter?
How are length and volume measured?
What are physical changes?
What are chemical changes?

Ask your 4th grader to teach you our "Matter Song" :) 

Science 5th Grade: 
Unit B Chapter 1: What is Matter?
Chapter Objective/Essential Questions...
1. What are elements?
2. What are compounds?
3. What are mixtures and solutions?
4. How can substances be described?
5. How do substances interact?

Watch our Periodic Table Song here! 

Religion 4-1:
We will be studying the parts of the mass.

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Our Special Schedule: 
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Library/Computer
Thursday- Gym and Library/Computer
Friday- Art


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