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4th Grade Reading/ELA:

The NYS ELA exam is scheduled for this week and will be administered on Wednesday and Thursday. Over the last several weeks the students have practiced writing an extended response, and have read through different types of text structures they may be exposed to on the exam. In addition, the students have read and practiced using questions from last year's exam. The students have been preparing for the exam over the course of the year through the NYS Common Core Curriculum. I am confident that each student is prepared and will do the best they can. 

In ELA the students will continue their unit on adverbs. 

5th Grade Reading/ELA:

In Reading, the students will begin a research project about meteors, comets, and asteroids. Each student has been assigned a partner and topic. Each group will research their topic in school, and create a google slide show to present to the class.  


All grades have been assigned a monthly book report that was handed out prior to the break. All reports are due at the end of the month. Please contact me if you need any additional information

Mrs. Ryan

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