Math Class Grading

4th and 5th Grade Math Grading


  1. A letter is at the beginning of each new chapter in the homework book. This contains what we are learning and important math vocabulary.
  2. Quizzes (15%) middle of each chapter there will be a short assessment of material, “ Mid Chapter Check-up” or “basic math facts.” Basic math facts quizzes will be held on Mondays. 
  3. Tests/Projects- (50%) At the end of each chapter there will be a test. There will be multiple choice and open response questions to answer. There will be 1-2 days of review in class and at home. Students will receive reteach worksheets for homework review.  The top of each sheet provides a review or model of the lesson that was taught. Students must complete review worksheets as it will cover all the content that was taught for the chapter test, homework passes will not be accepted for review assignments. Extra credit projects will be given at the beginning of each new unit. Students will have until the day of the test to hand in the project. 
  4. Class work- (20 %) class work must be complete with quality in mind. This includes listening to directions, staying on task, remaining focused, and participating. All work should be completed in pencil. 
  5. Homework- (15%) homework may not be missed and must be completed with quality in mind. .  After 20 completed homework assignments, students receive a homework pass.