Ms. Grant

Week of April 15th

5th Grade Social Studies:
We are wrapping up our unit on the American Revolution. Students will take a closer look at the Declaration of Independence and analyze its importance to the foundation of our country. We will also spend time reviewing our unit in class. There will be a test on the American Revolution on Tuesday 4/24. 

4th Grade Social Studies:
This week, students will work in stations to understand the causes of the Civil War and analyze the effects of the Civil War as it relates to New York State. We will also take a closer look at individuals who worked to bring about change during this time period.

Homeroom Reminders:
Please remember to send in $8 for RUVNA
NJHS is collecting magazines for veterans!

5-2 Special Schedule:
Monday -- Music
Tuesday -- Gym
Wednesday -- Computer
Thursday -- Library
Friday -- Spanish and Art

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