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February 14, 2019

What an exciting week we have planned. We will celebrate Valentine's Day and we have finally reached 100 days of school!!!!!! Can you believe it? I can't. What an accomplishment! We will have a big celebration on Friday. Children will work at different stations with a 100 activity. Don't forget your child may dress down on Friday in a 100 day shirt. 

Our Valentine's Day party will be on Thursday. If you would like to send in Valentine's, you may do so. Please make sure there are enough for all the children.....and if possible DO NOT write your child's name on them. This will make passing them out much easier.

Please be sure to practice "tapping out words" with your child. A letter went home this week explaining how to do this.In addition to our regular reading groups, we also continue to utilize small group reading instruction with Miss Lawless. This has been so beneficial to the children.
Be sure to check out some pictures of our class activities on our class instagram page: kindergartenwithlove


Please be sure to check this web page weekly for reminders and class happenings. As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at
Remember to join REMIND (let me know if you need directions resent home).
Check out and join the kindergarten INSTAGRAM page: kindergartenwithlove

Just a few reminders:
**Changes in transportation MUST be in writing.
**Your child will be coming home with a folder each day. Please be sure to go through the folder and take out any notices that may be in there.
Please be sure to send in one HEALTHY snack for your child. Please also send in a drink with their lunch and a spoon, if needed. Please try to refrain from sending in peanut butter with your child.
The children have started to practice writing their name (the first letter of their name should only be capitalized). Please give them practice at home with this, as well.
Each week our class page will be updated. This will give you information about what we will be learning in class, important events, due dates, field trips, etc. The sidebar on the left will be updated with useful links to websites for you and your child, as well as our calendar. At the bottom of the web page, you will find our special schedule.

When writing, please only use pencil......unless otherwise noted.
Practice letters and their sounds.

This week, we will begin Unit 3  in Fundations. During the next several weeks, we will work on long and short vowels, beginning and ending sounds, blending 3 sounds and story predicting. Children will also be getting TRICK WORDS. These are high frequency words and can not be sounded out. They must be memorized.We will continue to TAP out words. This is a strategy that will help your child read and write.
Please give your child as much practice writing as possible. All letters should be touching lines. Please note sight words for the week. I suggest writing all sight words on index cards and reviewing with your child. The more they see them, the more quickly they will recognize them.
Letters of the week: 
Sight words of the week
*****Please have your child practice writing their name each night. 

We will finish Chapter 7-Numbers 11-19. Children will learn how to count 11-19, They will be able to identify teen numbers and we will work on putting those numbers in a ten frame. Remember, when a ten frame is full, you start with counting ten then count on. Continue to practice counting and writing numbers correctly.
Have your child practice counting real life objects at home. We have learned that numbers should touch the top (sky line) and bottom (grass line) and not float. Please have your child practice writing numbers 1-10 as much as possible.

We will begin our unit on weather. Children will identify different types of weather conditions and weather measuring tools such as a wind vane and a thermometer.

We will also learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

We will talk about ways we can be loving like Jesus!!!!!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments throughout the year, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Volpe

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Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Art and Computer

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