Mrs. Morelli


 Dear Parents and Students,
Hopefully Spring will arrive soon!  With Earth Day soon approaching we will be exploring ways to Care For Earth.

Each month/season I will coordinate with the classroom teachers to support and enrich the classroom curriculum.

Primary grades:  We will be working on plant and animal life.  Food chains and web cycle.  Life cycles of animals and plants.

Intermediate grades:  We will be working on ways to preserve natural resources.  Study the Earth and Solar system, including the Sun, stars and moon.

Middle School grades:  We will be using the Chrome Books to enhance our lessons. We will be focusing on Ancient civilizations, American history, and current events. The students will be completing research papers using Google Docs and submitting them to their teachers.  The students will present their work using the SmartBoard for analysis and enrichment of various lessons/topics. Some of the topics will include body systems, medieval world, light and sound, and church in reform.     

  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at                                                       

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