Meet The Teacher
I'm Mr. McCarthy and I am the Language Arts and Literature teacher for the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade.  I was schooled at St. Nicholas of Tolentine in the Bronx, C.W. Post (LIU), and Molloy College.  In Language Arts, my approach is based on a traditional foundation in grammar leading to better reading and writing skills.  The Middle School students now have Chromebooks and using technology certainly improves upon and speeds the production of papers and essays.

I was very much influenced by the Romantic Period of Literature and Naturalism (Realism).  We read: Jack London and Robert Frost, Walt Whitman and Stephen Crane, George Orwell and Lewis Carroll.  We look deeply into the verses analyzing, interpreting, and gaining meaning from the author's words and ideas.

I've been teaching at Long Beach Catholic Regional School for 19 years.  It has and continues to be an amazing journey.