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Changes to the Health Article Assignment...
-Our first article of the year I asked for the students to print them out and hand them in. That is a lot of paper! From here on out the students can share their article with me via Google Docs.
-If a student would rather hand in their assignment as hard copy that is acceptable too, but a Google Doc may be easier. 
-The rubric is posted under resources as well as shared to each student. Please email me with any questions or concerns. 

Here is what to expect for the year...

8th Grade Health:

->To start the school year, we will be going over a topic that we covered last year, Empathy and Communication. Success both in and out of school requires the ability to work well with others, often within groups. Showing empathy towards others and communicating effectively can greatly improve a students social health.
->We will be going over how to be a leader to the rest of the school in a positive way. Being in 8th grade, the entire look up to them. The 8th grade class needs to know how to positively lead the younger grade levels. 
->We will be working on proper and effective negotiating and compromising skills. This topic ties into communication skills as well, but is focused primarily on how to handle an unfair situation so that both parties are happy. 
->Emotion management. Students can defuse conflicts and avoid fights by staying in control of their emotions. 
->Stress can take a painful toll on the lives of early adolescents. Students will learn how to cope with stress by viewing stressful situations as challenges rather than threats. Especially with entering the High School level next year, these skills can help be successful. 

7th Grade Health:

->We will begin the school year with how to effectively work in groups, this includes successful active listening skills. In a group setting, some group members may disagree with each other and disagreeing respectfully is something that students need to learn. This includes applying perspective-taking skills.
->Students will learn how to identify and social problem, and how to solve that problem with peers in a positive manner. The skills included negotiating skills and compromising skills. (win-win strategies). 
->Giving and getting support among peers. These skills learned can be taken onto a sports field, in a school setting, anywhere and any time. We will apply empathy skills already learned and understand when and how to give support by being an ally. 
->Understanding anger and how to stay in control of strong emotions such as anger. Anger can also be triggered by stress and we will talk about how to cope with stress as well. 

6th Grade Health: 

->Empathy and positive communication skills will be introduced to the students. We will define empathy and proceed with activities to reinforce that word as well as its meaning. 
->We will learn how to apply empathy and active listening skills in social settings with friends and allies. We will define the term ally and identify when and how to be one. 
->Understanding another peers perspective in certain situations is key to living a healthy social life. We will learn how to understand that another perspectives are based on feelings experiences and or needs/wants. 
->The students will also understand how to disagree respectfully, as well as distinguish differences between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication styles. 
->Students will be able to understand what happens to their brains and bodies when they experience strong emotions, (fight or flight response). Students will be able to apply calming down strategies (breathing techniques) that can settle the adrenaline. 

Health articles will also be applied this year but only on occasion. These articles will be assigned strategically during the year to help reinforce the topic covered during class. 

If anyone has any comments or concerns during the school year here is my email 

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