Health article UPDATE:
-All middle school students will have the opportunity to make-up any of the 3 articles submitted thus far.
-There is a rubric under the resources tab, in the 6th 7th and 8th grade folder.

8th grade HOMEWORK:

Slides for powerpoint must be printed out and brought to class Monday, February 13th.

We will finalize the slides and present the Monday we come back from February break. 

Diet Project 
The 8th grade will be conducting a project about different types of popular diets people are using around the country.

Types of diets:

-Atkins –official website

-The Zone-official website

-Caveman –main website

-Vegan-main website

-Weight Watchers-official website

-South Beach-official website

-Mediterranean -official website 

Students must research, create a Powerpoint, and present their diet to class. 

Extra credit will be given to students if they create 5 meals, using their diets guidelines, adding pictures of their meals at the end of the slideshow. 

Rubric and guided questions are uploaded in the resource page.

February 27th will be presentation days

6th and 7th grade Health

​We are done with anatomy, we have finished the bones, muscles, and joints. Now we are changing gears to social health. 
​-For 6th grade, we are learning how to become an ally and how to make new friends. We will continue with topic through the month of February. The lessons will focus much on respect and how to properly talk to peers. 
​-For 7th grade, we are currently working on a similar topic, but instead of making new friends, we are talking about how to disagree respectfully. Again, this subject matter is backed up heavily with respect and different ways to interact with a peer without fighting. 

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