There is NO HEALTH ARTICLE DUE April 10, 2017 for all grades. 

Students with Chrome Books, you may share the article with me. In regards to the rubric, sharing the assignment WILL NOT affect your grade. Must be neat with a proper heading. 

8th grade Health: 
-We are finishing up our unit on sleep. All 8th grade students have a test on sleep April 10, 2017. Each 8th grade student has a study guide shared with them, as well as a Quizlet (online flash cards) to aid in studying for the test. 
-The study guide will also be posted under the resource tab. 

7th grade Health:
-For the past 3 weeks we have been discussing emotions, and how to handle them. Anger has been the focal point of discussion and students have written an essay about how to handle angry emotions counting as a quiz grade. 

6th grade Health:
-For the past 3 weeks we have been learning about bullying. How to handle a bully and the types of bullying. Students wrote an essay last week tying in everything that we have learned which will count as a quiz grade. 

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