Mrs. Polacco/Health
May 1, 2018

Here is what to expect in the coming month...

8th Grade Health:

Goal Setting

We finished our topic about stress with a project that had the students identify causes of stress and things that relieve stress. Students needed to cut images out of magazines and glue them onto a poster, explaining why those images caused or relieved stress. 

For the next few weeks we will be moving away from stress and talk instead about goal setting and how important it is to set goals, long term and short term, throughout your life so you have something to work for. Something to try and achieve to become successful. 

7th Grade Health:

The topic we covered most recently was stress. To conclude this topic, students needed to create a narrative based on the situations given. The students were encouraged to include not only ways to handle stress, but also different topics covered throughout the year such as bullying prevention, empathy and considering perspectives. The narratives were very well written and I was happy with all of their work.

The next topic we will cover is goal setting! Students will fully understand the importance of goal setting and why short term goals as well as long term goals are both extremely important 

6th Grade Health: 

We have been discussing the steps to problem solve amongst our friends. The steps to problem solving are A. Analyze the situation, B. Brainstorm Options, C. Consider each option, D. Decide or Do the best option, E. Evaluate your decision, F. Find another way if needed. These steps will help guide the students in healthy decision making skills and will be tested on these steps by writing a narrative in class. 

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