Mrs. Polacco/Health
Welcome to Middle School Health!

Health classes will be filled with many intresting topic and class discussions. Classes meet on Mondays and assignments and projects will be posted on this web page.

Sixth Grade 

We will be starting this year with lessons Nurtition.
The students will be discussing the importance of eating the right foods and the correct amounts of each food group. They will learn how each food group benifits their growth and development.
When the students receive their chrome books I will share the power points with them, which will help with their studying for the first test.

Seventh Grade

The students will start this school year with a Unit on dealing with Stress. We will be discussing what leads then to feel stressed and how to deal with stress in their lives.  All slides and notes will be shared with the the students.

Eighth Grade

We will be starting the year with a lesson on Teambuilding and Leadership. The students will be given a situation, working in groups they will have to work together to come up with the best solution for their group. The groups will need to explain their how they came to final decision.

I would like to recommend a book to all Middle School students.  Restart by Gordon Korman, follows a eighth grade student who has losed his memory and is trying to find out about his life. The question is who is Chase, who he was....and who he's going to be.
It is a story of a boy with a past that is filled with trouble who has to figure out wha it means to get a fresh start, a clean slate. 

I will post questions and have discussion groups on Mondays during the lunch period. This is an opional assignment. 
Any student who submits written responses will receive extra credit. Those who attend the discussion groups will also receive credit. 

This activity will begin in mid October. Any questions please contact me at

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