Mrs. Polacco/Science

Middle School Science

Sixth Grade
The students are learning about the body systems. They will be learning about the digestive system, circulatory system and the respiratory system.
Please  review the organs and organ systems associate with each system.
Sixth Graders will also be using the microscope this month to look at cells of plants and animals.

Seventh Grade
Students are learning about the physical and chemical properties of matter. They will use triple beam balance to find mass. Students will also learn how to find volume using formulas or a graduated cylinders.

Eighth Grade
Earth Science
Students are learning how wind, ice and gravity cause erosion and deposition of the Earth's surface. They are also studying how soil is formed and what makes up soil. Students will be having a quiz on Lessons 4 and 5 on Thursday, November 16.

Please remember the Thanksgiving Food Drive.

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