Mrs. Mascolo
Welcome to Art at LBCRS!

Goals: My overall goals are to motivate students to express themselves visually and creatively through artistic thought and action while they build a foundation of art knowledge and skills through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Curriculum: The elementary art program enriches the entire curriculum in so many ways and has four components that create a quality program. They are: Aesthetic Perception, Art Criticism, Art History and Culture, and Art Production and Creative Expression. These four components will be a part of art class and will provide a strong connection to curriculum integration. At each grade level student will:
  • practice problem solving and critical thinking.
  • learn about history and culture through art.
  • learn to more effectively use their senses to explore the world. 
  • use both verbal and nonverbal methods to express abstract ideas and emotions.
  • learn to trust their creative intelligence.
  • learn concepts and techniques that will give them control of the visual images they produce.
  • learn to identify aesthetic qualities in a variety of artwork and in the environment.
  • learn the language of visual art so that they have a precise vocabulary in which to express their ideas. 
Assessment: Grading will be through teacher observation, student responsibility, art production and self response/evaluation. The following grading scales will be used in all grades:
           4= Above Expectations:  
3 = Meets Expectations: Consistently demonstrates proficient understanding and
applies skills independently with minimal teacher support.
2 = Making Progress: Demonstrates initial stages of understanding; applies skills
but requires teacher intervention reinforcement.
1 = Insufficient Progress: Demonstrates a lack of understanding; difficulty accomplishing
grade level tasks; re-teaching required.

End of year Art Portfolios!!!
Students in 1st - 8th grades will bring home their artwork during the last 6 weeks of the year in an art portfolio. I realize some parents like to see art work at the completion of each project; therefore, you are welcome to stop by the art room and look at your child's work anytime throughout the year.

Class Behavior Guidelines: To maintain a safe productive learning environment, art class guidelines have been established and reviewed in each class. Each child is expected to follow class guidelines so class time can be used for learning. Parents will be notified when their child has disrupted the learning environment. Disruption that continually reoccurs will result in an academic detention to complete classwork, and finally a lowered final grade.

Incentives: I will continue to use the Smartest artist award for students in all grades to help promote good behavior. This will encourage correct behavior in art class and help promote a great learning and fun environment.

Art education is for all students. It provides learning opportunities for the artistically talented, as well as for students who may never produce art outside the classroom. In whichever category your child is in, art class will be a learning, encouraging and enriching part of your child’s day. Please call me if you have any question at 432-8900. I am looking forward to a great year.

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