Mr. DeStefano
January 15, 2019

Materials for Class and CSW Mass

Reminder to all students to have all necessary materials for class. 8th graders should come to class on Wednesday and Friday with headphones that are compatible with their Chromebooks. All middle school students are expected to have their black binder for class every Friday. You will be marked 'unprepared' if you do not have the materials necessary for class.

4th graders need to have their recorder and music for class each Monday. If you do not have the music, each song can be printed out from the 'Resources' folder on my class page. If you cannot print it out at home, please let me know and I will get you an extra copy.

Choir will be meeting both Monday and Tuesday next week (January 21st and 22nd) during the elementary recess to prepare for the CSW mass, which will be at 10 am on Sunday, January 27th at St. Ignatius Martyr. If you have not brought in your permission slip for that mass, please do so as soon as possible.

-Mr. DeStefano