Ms. Lawless

Week of October 14th, 2018

Hello Nursery School student parents!

Its Fall!

Its hard to believe that we are already into the second month of school! We will continue learning about the season of fall.  This week, we will be going outside to look for signs of fall in the schoolyard.

We continue to work on name recognition as we take attendance together as a class with the help oif our apple tree!  We are beginning to use our Starfall website.  Starfall 


We will be working on various crafts that pertain to the season of fall. Some crafts will be sent home the day of, while others will help us decorate our classroom and the hallways! Please send in a few leaves, (about 5 each) with your child for a craft we are working on!

Academic Concepts

Our monthly theme is Community Helpers.  We will be discussing different types of helpers that we find in our communities, and how they help us. 

Police Officers

We will be completing coloring pages and different crafts throughout the month pertaining to our town helpers!

We continue to working on our counting (1-10) through song and dance, as well as our ABC's... The children love dancing and signing with all of their friends!

Color: Orange

Shape: Square 

Show and Tell
*Please always feel free to send your child in with anything they would like to share with the class!  This is a great way to promote both oral and social skills! If your child has a special talent they would like to show and share the class, they are more than welcome to!

Thank you so much for all you do!

Have a great week!!
Miss. Lawless

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