Mrs. Batus

May 21, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Sunday!  I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends; the weather was very nice!  I hope that you all got a chance to get outdoors :) As always, the children worked very hard this week and should be proud of themselves; they are getting to be very good at sounding out words and printing!  Their Kindergarten teachers will be very happy!!

Here are the plans for this week (5-22-2017!!):

Our theme is "Nuturing Earth" and our word of the week is "environmentalist." We will work on reviewing our alphabet for the remainder of the school year, especially our vowels, as they have two sounds.

Big Idea:

- I enjoy many things in nature.
Tuesday - We share the Earth with many animals.
Wednesday - We have to take care of the Earth.
Thursday - Let's keep Earth clean.
Friday - Think before you throw things in the trash.

Phonological Awareness:

We will continue with word segmentation and syllable work each day. We will also continue rhyming and beginning sounds. We will continue to look at end sounds, and continue to look at middle sounds.  We will begin blending during these last weeks of school.

Literacy Time:

This week we will explore how we can take care of our planet.


 Nature's Giants
Tuesday -A Chance for Esperanza
Wednesday - My Aunt Violet - story folder
Thursday - a re-read of Monday's story
Friday -
a re-read of The Do Nothing Machine


We will continue with simple addition and subtraction.We will also count up and add as many animals as we can name.

We have completed our Seeds magazines for the year.  This month we will explore the life of Mary, Jesus' mother.  We have learned our Hail Mary and the children say this prayer daily.  


Pat Batus

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE WILL BE NO PM SESSION FOR PRE-K THIS COMING Thursday - 5-25-17 - as it is a holy day of obligation. There will be no After Care either.

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