Mrs. O'Donnell

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather. 

It was so nice getting to see so many new and familiar faces at Back to School Night last week. Thank you all for your support and involvement in your 

Updates for the week of September 25th
 *Individual Picture day is Monday. Please remember it is uniform or "Dress up"

*Tuesday we will take our first Math test on addition concepts. 

**Starting Monday. Please begin using the first grade spelling menu that was handed out at Back to School Night. 

Work for the week:

Spelling words: he, look, have, for, what, him, if, rip pin, fit

Reading: This week we will be reading a story called "The Storm"  We will visit the idea of a realistic fiction and talk about how this story is not real, but that it could be real.

Phonics: We will be using this week to work on the short i sound. Many of our spelling words have the short i sound in them. 

Writing: We will working on opinion writing this week. We will write about things which we can do. "I can run. I can hop. I can etc...

Grammar: We will talk about verbs this week. We will talk about how verbs are things which we can do. We will play a few rounds of verb charades and we will be able to distinguish between nouns and verbs. 

Math: We will review for our first math test on Monday and then take our test on Tuesday. We will begin chapter 2 on Wednesday with Subtraction concepts. 

Religion: We will have a visit from Fr Brian on Monday afternoon. We will also have God Moments with Sr. Diane on Wednesday. Sr. Diane will take the children over to church and show them some of the behind the scenes of the Church. It is really cool!

Social Studies: We will begin our first Social Studies unit. We will talk about families and what it means to be part of a family. We will name the members of our family and we will state the jobs of the family members. 

Special Schedule:
Monday Computer
Tuesday Spanish
Wednesday Art
Thursday Music
Friday Library & Gym

*Please wear your gym uniform and sneakers on Friday*

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