Mrs. O'Donnell

Some updates about the week of 4/24/17

Welcome back! I hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and was able to celebrate Easter with family and friends. I am looking forward to a great home stretch of school! May and June are going to go by so quickly. I cannot believe we have made it so far along in the year. 

The Mother's and Father's Day sale will be on Wednesday. If you wish that your child should shop at the sale please send in an envelope with your child's name on it, cash and a list of who they should be shopping for. 

We will go on our field trip on Thursday to see Frog and Toad. We will be eating lunch when we return at 12, so no need for a disposable lunch. We will have time for a quick snack before we leave. 


Spelling words: 

*Spelling test will be on Friday

Reading: We will read the realistic fiction story called Whistle for Whillie. We will also read the paired selection Pet Poems. 

Phonics: We will be talking about the sound made by -oo. 

Writing: We will do some writing about our pets and what they can do, just like the dog in the story. 

Math:  We will be finishing up chapter 8 this week, adding 2 digit numbers. We will take our test on Friday.

**It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO CONTINUE PRACTICING OUR Addition FACTS AT HOME. It seems first graders are not as quick to answer facts as they were before the Christmas break. Please help them by reviewing their friends of 10 facts as well as doubles, doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1 facts***

This is one of the most exciting weeks in the life of a first grader. Over the weekend, Dave and Mrs. O'Donnell went to Setauket and picked up the chick eggs. They will go in the incubator on Tuesday morning. Therefore we will begin talking about life cycles in first grade. We will begin with the chick life cycle and then talk about some other ones until  the chicks hatch in 3  weeks. 

Religion: We will talk about Easter this week and how we celebratedJesus rising from the dead over the break.

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