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For the week of December 11, 2017

Important News and Information:

~Tuesday, 12/12 - Field Trip to see the movie "The Star". The children may wear their gym uniforms (no NUT passes please). No Snack is needed as popcorn and water will be provided. We will return in time for lunch.

~Wednesday, 12/13 - Little Elves Christmas Shopping - If you would like your child to shop for Christmas, please send money in an envelope labeled with their name.

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT: We continue to practice this week. If your child has a speaking part and lines were sent home, please practice with them as much as possible. Please send in COSTUMES by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12TH. Thank you!


Spelling: We will continue using the December Menu for spelling this week. 

: In addition to the math homework, please spend just a few minutes reviewing doubles facts and friends of ten. All of these facts need to be memorized!

~UPDATE ON SPELLINGCITY.COM - We have found a way to upload our weekly spelling lists that can be used without a paid membership. Follow these steps to locate the weekly spelling words to play the free games and/or take a spelling test:
1. Go to
2. Click on "Search"
3. Select "Teachers/Parents"
4. Type in "LBCRS"
5. Click on "1stGrade"
6. Click on the current week's words

Our Work for the Week:

READING: This week we will be reading an informational text called "At Home In The Ocean".

SPELLING WORDS: where, little, their, that, them, then, this, with, math, bath

PHONICSWe will work with the digraph TH this week.

GRAMMAR: We will begin to look at Proper Nouns.


MATH:  We will continue with chapter 12: 2D Shapes. Over the next few weeks, that will be very busy with Christmas Pageant practices, we will work on chapters 11 and 12 which will cover geometry concepts. We will return to chapter 4 after the Christmas break.
**Please note that if during the day we use pages out of our Big Math Book in class, I will send those pages home in the red take home folder so you can see how the lesson was taught during the day. It is my hope that, if needed, this will help you be able to assist your child with the homework that night.

RELIGION: Our focus over the next few weeks will be practicing for the first grade Christmas Pageant. 

**As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

J. Minerva

Monday - Music
Tuesday - Spanish
Wednesday - Library (books from the previous week should be returned)
Thursday - Gym (gym uniform should be worn)
Friday - Computer, Art

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