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For the week of October 16, 2017

Important News and Information:

~Monday, 10/16 - Winter Uniforms Begin
Class Picture - Students must be in their winter                                       uniform for the class picture. Thank you!

~Tuesday, 10/17 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Professional Day

~RELIGION - If you haven't done so already, please send in a photo of your child's Baptism ASAP. The picture will be cut and glued into our booklet so it will NOT be returned in tact! Printing out a photo on paper would be absolutely fine! Thank you!

~UPDATE ON SPELLINGCITY.COM - We have found a way to upload our weekly spelling lists that can be used without a paid membership. Follow these steps to locate the weekly spelling words to play the free games and/or take a spelling test:
1. Go to
2. Click on "Search"
3. Select "Teachers/Parents"
4. Type in "LBCRS"
5. Click on "1stGrade"
6. Click on the current week's words

The weekly homework assignment sheet will come home stapled inside the Agenda. Please be sure that BOTH the AGENDA AND RED FOLDER come to school each day. (The Agendas are collected on Fridays and I hold onto them in school until Monday.)

-Spelling: We will continue using the SPELLING MENU for October.
Continue to use the red and white 
spelling notebook for all spelling assignments. It should be sent in at the end of the week (Thursdays or Fridays) so homework can be checked. **Please use the backs of all pages so you don't run out of room too quickly.

-Math: We will continue to use the green GO MATH Workbook that is being kept at home. The children should continue to complete the assigned page, WRITE THEIR NAME ON TOP, carefully tear out the completed page, and return it to school the next day in the red folder. **Math homework is always handed in the next day. 

Our Work for the Week:

READING: This week we will read a fantasy called Gus Takes the Train. We will be learning about story elements such as characters, setting and plot .

SPELLING WORDS: many, who, what, does, they, up, nut, hug, mud, tub
*There will be a spelling test on Friday.

PHONICS: We will be focusing on short "u" this week.

GRAMMAR: This week we will continue learning about adjectives and how they are used to describe nouns. We will focus on adjectives of color and number this week.

MATH:  We will begin Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies. On Monday we will review the commutative property and apply it as an addition strategy (if we know the answer to an addition fact, we also will know the answer if we switch the addends). We will then practice counting on as a strategy (starting with the larger addend and counting up if we are adding 1,2, or 3). On Thursday we will begin learning our doubles facts (1+1, 2+2, 3+3 etc.). These facts will need to be memorized. We will make flash cards in school to practice. It is very important that the children are practicing their doubles facts at home as well. We will build on the memorization of the doubles facts to learn additional addition strategies in the coming weeks.

**Please note that if during the day we use pages out of our Big Math Book in class, I will send those pages home in the red take home folder so you can see how the lesson was taught during the day. It is my hope that, if needed, this will help you be able to assist your child with the homework that night.

RELIGION: This week we will continue discussing Baptism. We will learn about the symbols of Baptism, create a booklet about Baptism, and even have a mock Baptism in our classroom. For our Baptism booklet, the children will be asked to bring in a picture of their own Baptism. This picture will be glued in the booklet they create so it will NOT be returned in the original condition. 

**As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

J. Minerva

Monday - Music
Tuesday - Spanish
Wednesday - Library (books from the previous week should be returned)
Thursday - Gym (gym uniform should be worn)
Friday - Computer, Art

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