Mrs. Williams

welcome  January 22, 2018

Dear Students & Parents,

What a great weekend it was! It was my pleasure to see all of the students who received the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation in OLMM and St. Ignatius beaming in gratitude and pride when given absolution by the priests. What a special moment!

This past week we continued with our H.E.P.P class, which is offered by the LB School District. This Health Education program runs for 8 weeks and is offered to students in Grades 2-5. Through the use of puppets, stories, and conversations students will be introduced to topics of personal safety, how to be a friend and not a bully, healthy eating, hygiene awareness, and an extremely basic introduction to alcohol and drug abuse. The most recent topic of discussion was our emotions; how to cope with them, release them, and ask for guidance in turning them into a positive feeling. I am always present and will intervene if needed and reach out directly if any child has difficulty in processing a component of that weeks lesson. Rest assured that the presentation of material is appropriate for the age and that the students gain valuable insights and reinforcement of many of the values we instill in them daily. 

Important Things to Know This Week
1. There will be a spelling test on Week 18 Words on Friday, as well as a vocabulary quiz. Beginning from this point forward, tests will no longer be read to students. However, they are encouraged to ask about unknown words and will be reminded each time to do so. 
2. Scholastic Book Flyers for the month of January were lost in the mail over Christmas break. I will send home the ordering letter in case anyone would like to look online, but we will be back on track for printed flyers in February! All orders are due by Tuesday, January 23rd. 
3. There will be a Science test on Chapter 5 material on Monday, January 29th. Typically tests do not fall on Mondays, but in light of the exciting events during Catholic Schools Week the other days that week it is beneficial for us to get it done early in the week. Students will bring home a completed review packet, their notebook and textbooks to study from this week.        

In reading this week we will be:
-reading "My Name is Gabriela" and "Poems About Reading and Writing". These two pieces will help us to answer the essential question: Why are reading and writing so important? These pieces will also focus on the reading skill of understanding characters. 
-re-establishing our Daily 3 activities (guided reading, word work, work on writing, listen to reading and read to self/someone). 
-working on differentiated reading activities (iPads and Kids A-Z accounts) designed to help identify students strengths and weaknesses in reading (fluency, comprehension, decoding).    

In language arts this week we will be:
-learning more ways of forming long /e/ using -y; our spelling words will focus on this phonics skill as well.
-learning about verbs that means "to be"
-reviewing how subjects and verbs must agree in a sentence.
-learning about the "schwa" sound!
-writing good copies of our Winter topics, as well as, starting a sweet treat writing for our visitors during Catholic Schools Week. 
working on our handwriting skills.

In math, we will be starting Chapter 6 - 3-digit Addition and Subtraction, which focuses children on applying previously taught skills of regrouping to equations with hundreds, tens and ones places. This week we will start off using the strategy of drawing a picture to help us solve 3-digit addition. Then we will revisit how to write numbers in expanded form to help us apply the break apart strategy. Last we will learn how to visualize the regrouping of ones and tens into the tens and hundreds place using pictures. We will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our math fact skills with 5-minute challenges; our goal will be to always improve our old scores. :-)  

In science we will be reviewing Chapter 5 - Earth's Land, Air and Water. This chapter will be a companion one to our current Social Studies Unit. We will also be incorporating some hands-on activities from last years science kits "First Look at Soil" that will provide students many hands-on opportunities to dig into the different soil layers found on Earth. Discovery Education will help bring the concepts of weathering and erosion to life to help students understand the great impact this has on Earth's geography. 

In Social Studies we will be working on Unit 3 - Working Together. Before displaying student products in the hallway, each one will share their goals for the future with their peers. Our textbook learning will focus on learning how to use a compass rose to follow directions from one location to another and taking a trip to the bank to learn more about budgeting and saving.   

In religion we will be moving onto Chapter 15 - Jesus Gives Us the Eucharist. In Chapter 12 the children learned about the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance. In this chapter the children will learn that in the Eucharist we remember and celebrate what Jesus did for us. The following topics will guide our discussions:
-Jesus brings us life.
-Jesus celebrated a special meal with his disciples. 
-In the Eucharist we remember and celebrate what Jesus did at the Last Supper.
-The Mass is a meal and a sacrifice. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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