Mrs. Williams

spring      May 20, 2019

Dear Students & Parents,

We are in the home stretch! We had such a good time last week on the Walk-A-Thon and I am looking forward to many more exciting events that will be occurring in the coming weeks. 
Students are so excited to participate in the NYS Science Lab Practical Questions later this week. We will be reviewing all of our measuring tools, hypotheses and recording strategies early this week. 

Important Things to Know This Week
****NYS Science Test (Day 1) Performance Portion will be administered on Thursday, May 23rd. Any opt-out requests must be sent to Mrs. Kahn by Tuesday. 
1. Scholastic Book Club Flyers for May/June were sent home some time for our final order of the school year. I saw some great deals and wonderful literature that would be perfect for summer reading! :-) Any orders are due by Friday, May 24th!
4. The 4th Grade has planned an End of the Year Beach Day for Friday, June 14th (raindate: Monday, June 17th). More details will be sent home at the beginning of June. 

In math this week we will be:
-finishing Chapter 11 - Angles. This chapter was started earlier in the year when we covered how to measure angles with protractors.  We will be devoting this week to continued review of the following previously taught concepts, as well as, some new concepts that we only touched on:
-measuring and drawing angles.
-classifying triangles.
-finding the missing angle measurement using other information in the figure.
We will be reviewing the chapter on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will most likely take some form of an assessment on angles in class on Thursday during a period that they are not participating in the lab experiments for the NYS Science Test. 


In science this week we will be: 
-continuing Unit 11 - Motion.  This unit picks up with force, motion, gravity and simple machines concepts that was taught in 3rd grade. Various experiments will be done in class to demonstrate speed, velocity, force, friction and gravity. 
This week we will be concentrating on:
-learning how friction and angles affect speed.
-reviewing the difference between a push and pull.

In religion this week we will be:
-finishing Chapter 22 - The Ninth Commandment. In Chapter 19 students learned that in the Eighth Commandment God calls us  to respect and tell the truth. In this chapter the students will learn that by following the Ninth Commandment we can live out the virtue of modesty.
The following topics will guide our discussions:
-Feelings are a gift from God.
-God created us to share love.
-God calls us to be pure of heart. 
-The virtue of modesty helps us to be pure of heart.   

For news about Reading, ELA and Social Studies, please click HERE to go to Ms. Grant's website.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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