Mrs. Williams

welcome  November 20, 2017

Dear Students & Parents,

As we move through the month of November, we have been talking and writing about the many things we have in our lives to be grateful for. The students discovered just how important and meaningful those little things are and I hope that they have expressed their gratitude to you all.
Although this is a short week, we do still have lots to accomplish and a few fun activities planned as well.      

Important Things to Know This Week
1. There will be no spelling test this week as we are taking a break from our Journey's series. We will be completing some simple benchmarking activities instead. 
2. The Chapter 9 Religion Quiz will be given on Tuesday morning. Students should review the bold vocabulary words and anything that we underlined in the chapter. They may also use the review questions that can be found in their take-home folder. This is a short 10 question quiz. 
3. Build time in a few times each week to practice math facts with your child or set them up with a fact app on their devices. Subtraction seems to be the weaker area at this time. 
4. November Scholastic Book Orders are due by TUESDAY.  

In reading this week we will be:
-reading "Poppleton in Winter". This trade book will help us to review all of the reading skills covered in Unit 1 and 2 of the Journeys series.
-continuing to implement our Daily 3 activities (guided reading, word work, work on writing, listen to reading and read to self/someone). 
-working on differentiated reading activities (iPads and Kids A-Z accounts) designed to help identify students strengths and weaknesses in reading (fluency, comprehension, decoding).
-reading to learn what an "attitude of gratitude" means.   

In language arts this week we will be:
-reviewing how to form and properly use contractions.  
-continuing to work on verbs: past, present and future tense. 
-reviewing base words with the suffixes -er and -est for comparison. 
-learning how to write instructions.
-finalizing our gratitude writing pieces. 
working on our handwriting skills.

In math, we will be starting Chapter 4: 2-Digit Addition. This chapter will help students build fluency with addition and continue to expand on the different strategies learned so far to help us add. This week we will concentrate on the use of the break-apart strategy for 2-digit addition and will learn how to use compensation to add. Compensation means to turn one addend into a "tens" number to make addition simpler (ex: 48 + 25 turns into 50 + 23 = 73). We will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our math fact skills with 5-minute challenges; our goal will be to always improve our old scores. :-)  

In science we will be reviewing Chapter 6 - Earth's Weather and Seasons. This week we will complete the final activity in which examples of bad weather is discussed and safety precautions are reviewed. Then students will complete the review packet for the chapter in class, which should once again be left in their take-home folders. Green notebooks will go home to study notes from (please make sure these come back and forth to school) and their textbooks may be left at home until the day of the test. The Chapter 6 Science test will be given on Thursday, November 30th.  

In Social Studies we will be working on Unit 2 - Our Earth. This unit focuses on how the geography of Earth impacts the people living on it in various areas. This week we will be learning about how food gets from the producers to the consumers. 

In religion we will be reviewing Chapter 9 - God Gives Us Laws. In Chapter 8 the children learned that the Bible is the book in which God's Word is written. In this chapter the children will learn that God gave us laws called commandments. By obeying these laws, we show love and respect for God, ourselves and others. The following topics will guide our discussions:
-Jesus taught us the Great Commandment.
-The Ten Commandments help us to live as God's children.
-God wants us to show him our love and respect.
-God wants us to show that we love others as we love ourselves.
There will be a short quiz on this chapter given Tuesday, November 21st. Students will bring home their religion workbook beginning on Thursday to review the chapter. We will star and underline important things to know.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time or call/leave a message at school (516-432-8900).  

Mrs. Williams

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