Mrs. DeLuca

Field Day Permission Slip due by Friday, May 24th

Science Unit 8 Test: Friday, May 24th

Our class dress down day will be Wednesday, May 29th for the whole second grade

Social Studies Unit 6 Test: Thursday, June 6th

Science Unit 9 Test: Wednesday, June 12th

Math Chapter 11 Geometry Test: Thursday, June 13th 

May/June reading is combined since we have a busy month in May. Four choices will be due Thursday, June 13th

Second Grade Beach Day is Friday, June 14th 

Study Basic Math Facts

We are working on Measurement Kits from BOCES in math and science 

May 20th Homework___________________________________

Monday: Math pages 239, 240 and spelling lesson 29 menu- Homework will be checked on Wednesday
Tuesday: No Homework: May Crowning
Wednesday: Math pages 242, 241 and spelling lesson 29 menu
Thursday: Math pages 243, 244 and Spelling Menu Lesson 29

Lesson 29: Two of Everything
HFW: eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, your
Vocab: search, contained, startled, odd, learned, tossed, grateful, village
Vocab Strategy: Antonyms
Phonics: Reading longer words with long vowels a & i Vowel Diphthongs oi, oy
Comprehension Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Summarize
Grammar: Possessive Pronouns
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May 29th and May 30th- No Homework- Please Read 20 Minutes every night to complete your reading menu

Religion-Chapter 24: We Pray (Working on this Chapter and May Crowning practice for next couple of weeks) 

We will learn how prayer keeps us close to God, Jesus prayed to God the Father, Jesus teaches us to pray, and we pray as Jesus did.

Vocabulary Focus: prayer, temple

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Monthly Focus-----------------------------------------------------------------

Religion- We will be focusing on Chapter 24: We Pray and our First Holy Communion. May Crowning will be held on Tuesday, May 21st  

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Chapter 11:Geometry Fraction Concepts 

What objects match two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and how can you show equal parts of shapes?

Vocab: cube, rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder, cone, face, edge, vertex, sides, vertices, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, angle, halves, thirds, fourths, half of, third of, fourth of, quarter of

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Social Studies-
 Unit 6 People and Places in History

Vocabulary Focus: immigrant, holiday, custom, landmark, artifact, invention, communication

We will learn about many immigrants, hoping for a better way of life, entered the United States through Ellis Island and Angel Island. Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman in space, exemplifies courage in action. Then we will focus on family customs, national landmarks, important inventions, reading charts and graphs, and how technology changes our world.

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Science: Unit 8: The Solar System 

Students will learn how the Earth is a planet in our solar system. Changes happen on Earth and in the sky from day to night. We will identify plants and stars, what causes day and night, and how to model day and night. 

Vocabulary: planet, solar system, orbit, star, constellation, rotate

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