Mrs. DeLuca

Homework: February 26th Week
Monday: Spelling Lesson 21 menu and math pages 165 and 166
Tuesday: Spelling Menu and math pages 167 and 168
Wednesday: spelling menu and math pages 169 and 170
Thursday: Spelling menu, quiz tomorrow, and math pages 171 and 172 February reading menu #4 due tomorrow 

Homework: February 12th week
Monday: Math pages 158, 157 spelling menu lesson 20 Everyday
Tuesday: Math pages 160, 159
Wednesday: Math pages 162, 161
Thursday: Math pages 163, 164 Spelling quiz tomorrow and reading menu #3 activity due

Homework: February 5th Week
Monday: Math pages 149, 150 and Spelling Lesson 19 Menu; Quiz Friday
Tuesday: Math pages 151, 152 and Spelling Menu
Wednesday: Math pages 153, 154 and spelling menu Math test tomorrow 
Thursday: Spelling menu

Reminders: Wear blue for sports day and please bring in a donation for the Heartest Yard, due by Friday

Monday, January 29th--------------------------------
Monday- Math pages 141 and 142, Social Studies test Unit 3 will be pushed to Tuesday, February 6th, February Reading Menu #1 activity is due Friday, RAZ kids assignment please complete by Friday
Tuesday- Math pages 143 and 144
Wednesday- Math pages 145 and 146
Thursday- Math pages 147 and 148 Test on Thursday, February 8th 

Class Picture and Retakes are on Monday, January 22nd !

Open House, Sunday January 28th

Homework Week of January 22nd

Monday: Spelling Menu Lesson 18 and Math Pages 133, 134
Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 18 and Math Pages 135, 136
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 18 and Math Pages 137, 138
Thursday: Spelling Menu Lesson 18, quiz tomorrow, and Math pages 139, 140 January Reading Menu #4 due tomorrow

Science Test on Monday

Reminder- Reading Menus are due every Friday

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Future Assessments:
Spelling Quizzes are always on Fridays 
Religion Quiz: Chapters 11 and 12 Wednesday, Jan. 17th 
Math Chapter 5: Subtraction Thursday, January 18th
Science Chapter 5: Earth's Air, Land, Water Monday, January 29th
Social Studies Chapter 3: Communities Thursday, February 1st
Math Chapter 5: Regrouping Thursday, February 8th 

What We Are Learning---------------------------------
Math: Chapter 5 2- Digit Subtraction: Students are learning to regroup.
Martin Luther King Project: The writing portion was done in class. Students are asked to bring in their picture by Jan. 18th 
Religion: Chapters 11 and 12 Penance and Reconciliation and then beginning Chapter 15: Eucharist
ELA: Lesson 16 and 17: Fictional Stories, Story Structure Elements 
Social Studies: Chapter 3: Working Together (Needs, Wants, Consumers, Producers) 
Science: Chapter 5: Earth's Land, Air, and Water (natural resources, rocks and minerals) 

Homework Week of January 16th___________________

Monday: No School Reading Menu #3 due on Friday
Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 17, Math pages 127, 128
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 17, Math pages 129, 130
Thursday: Spelling Menu Lesson 17, No Math- Test today

Homework Week of January 8th

Monday: Math pages 117, 118, Spelling Lesson 16 menu, Quiz on Friday 
Tuesday: Math pages 119, 120, Spelling Lesson 16 menu
Wednesday: Math pages 121, 122, Spelling Menu
Thursday: Math pages 123, 124, Spelling Menu, January Reading Menu Activity #2 due tomorrow 

Week of December 18th______________________________

Monday: Spelling Menu Lesson 14, Quiz Thursday and math pages 107 and 108
Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 14 and math pages 109, 110
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 14 and math pages 111, 112 and Spelling Quiz tomorrow
Thursday: no homework
Friday: 11:00 am dismissal Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Math: Chapter 5: 2 Digit- Subtraction
Religion: Ch. 14 Christmas
Science: Ch. 5 Earth's Air, Land, Water
Social Studies: Ch. 3 Working Together 
ELA: Lesson 14: Refer to Focus Wall

Week of December 11th _______________________________

Monday: Spelling Menu Lesson 13 Menu and quiz Friday and math pages 99, 100
Tuesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 13 Menu and math pages 101, 102 and Little Elves sale tomorrow 
Wednesday: Spelling Menu Lesson 13 Menu and math pages 103, 104 
Thursday: Spelling Menu Lesson 13 Menu, Spelling Quiz tomorrow and Math Test Tomorrow, Social Studies test Ch. 2 Test on Tuesday 

Math: Chapter 2: Adding Two Digit Numbers
Social Studies: Chapter 2: Our Earth: Land forms 
Science: Finish Ch. 6 Earth's Weather and Season and beginning Ch 5. Earth's Land, Air, and Water 
Religion: Ch. 13 Advent, Ch. 14 Christmas, Ch. 11 Reconciliation 

Week of December 4th_______________________
Monday: Spelling Lesson 12 menu, quiz on Thursday. Reading Menu due Thursday. Math pages 91 and 92. Social Studies test on Dec. 19th
Tuesday: Spelling menu and math pages 93 and 94
Wednesday: Spelling Menu and pages 95 and 96 Half Day!
Thursday: Math pages 97 and 98. Half Day!

Week of November 28th____________________________

Monday: Math pages 83 and 84, Spelling Menu Lesson 11 and quiz on Friday, Science Test on Tuesday Thursday Nov. 30th
Tuesday: Math pages 85 and 86 and Spelling Menu
Wednesday: Math pages 87 and 88 and spelling menu, study for science test
Thursday: Math pages 89 and 90 and spelling menu

Week of November 20th _____________________________

Monday: Math pages 79 and 80, Religion quiz Ch. 9 tomorrow, Reading Menu #4 activity due on Wednesday
Tuesday: Math pages 81 and 82
Wednesday: Study for Science Test Chapter 6
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Week of November 13th _____________________________

Monday:  Math pages 71 and 72. Chapter 3 test on Nov. 16th, Be prepared to understand word problems. Draw pictures to solve, associate word with subtraction or addition. Spelling menu Lesson 10 and quiz on Friday
Tuesday:Math pages 73 and 77. Chapter 3 test on Nov. 16th, Spelling menu Lesson 10 and quiz on Friday
Wednesday:Math pages 75 and 76. Chapter 3 test on Nov. 16th, Spelling menu Lesson 10 and quiz on Friday
Thursday: No Math, Spelling menu Lesson 10 and quiz on Friday

Week of November 6th_________________________

Monday: Math pages 63 and 64. Chapter 3 test on Nov. 16th, Spelling menu Lesson 9 and quiz on Thursday

Tuesday: Math pages 65 ad 66, Spelling Menu Lesson 9

Wednesday: Math pages 67 and 68, Spelling Menu Lesson 9, Quiz tomorrow. Reading Menu #2 due tomorrow 

Thursday: Math pages 69 and 70

Friday: No School: Veterans Day 

Week of October 30th___________________

Monday: Math pages 57 and 58 and Spelling Lesson 8 Menu
Tuesday: Math Pages 59 and 60 and Spelling Lesson 8 Menu
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: Math pages 61 and 62 and Spelling Lesson 8 Menu, Spelling Quiz tomorrow, November Reading Menu #1 activity due tomorrow 

* Science Animal Project Due Friday, November 3rd
* Class Trip Thursday, November 9th 

We are Learning....
Math: Chapter 3: Basic Facts and Relationships: Addition and Subtraction. Soon we will start Math Mad Minutes
Science: Chapter 6: Weather
Social Studies: Unit 2: Our Earth: Geography, Resources, continue map skills
ELA: Lesson 8: Refer to Focus Wall in class resources
Religion: Chapter 8: God's Love: Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus and his disciples 

Week of October 23rd_________________________

 1. Our October Reading Menu Activity #4 choice will be due on Friday. Please complete this. November's reading menu will be handed out on Friday.
2. Field Trip slip and money due
3. Math Test chapter 2 on Tuesday
4. Social Studies test Unit 1 on Thursday.
5. Science Animal Project due Friday November 3rd


Monday- Math pages 49 and 50 (We completed lesson 12 in class on Friday) and Spelling Menu Lesson 7 (Quiz on Friday)
Tuesday- Spelling Menu only. 
Wednesday- Math pages 53 and 54 and Spelling Menu
Thursday- Math pages 55 and 56 and Spelling Menu

Week of October 16th -

Reminders: science test on Thursday, spelling quiz lesson 6 on Friday, science project due November 3rd, reading menus due every Friday, math test next Tuesday 

Monday: spelling lesson 6 words and math pages 41 and 42
Tuesday no school
Wednesday: spelling menu and math pages 43 and 44
Thursday: math pages 45 and 46 and spelling menu, reading menu due tomorrow activity number three

Tuesday October 10th- St. Francis Prayer Service: Please bring in a stuffed animal to be blessed

Homework for the Week of October 10th-
Tuesday- Spelling Menu Lesson 5, Reminder October Reading Menu Activity #1 was due on Friday, Math pages 34 and 35
Wednesday- Spelling Menu Lesson 5, Math Pages 36 and 37
Thursday- Spelling Menu Lesson 5, October Reading Menu #2 Activity due tomorrow, Math Pages 38 and 39

Religion- Chapter 4 and 5- Discussing the Seven Sacraments, Baptism and soon Reconciliation
Science- Continuing to learn about animals; reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, and animals with backbones. Our first science assessment will be soon. We will also be completing an animal project too. 
Social Studies- continue to discuss types of communities, map skills, and our country. 
Math- Continuing to explore Chapter 2: three digit numbers, place value, the value of the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands, standard form, word form, expanded form, please practice reading numbers in word form
ELA- Lesson 5; please refer to our weekly focus wall under class resources. Continue to practice high frequency words, long and short vowel sounds, narrative writing, nouns and predicates.  

Homework for the Week of October 2nd:_____________________________________________

***Please check powerschool for your child's grades. Everything will always be posted. 

The October Reading Menus were given out on Friday. Please pace yourself so you only have 20 Minutes of Homework every night. 

Monday: Spelling Menu for Lesson 4, Math pages 26 and 27, October reading menu the first activity is due on Friday
Tuesday:Spelling menu, Math pages 28 and 29
Wednesday: Spelling menu, Math pages 30 and 31
Thursday: Spelling Menu, Math Pages 32 and 33, First Reading Menu activity is due tomorrow. 
Spelling and Reading quizzes on Fridays. 

Religion- discussing seven sacraments further
Math- Chapter 2: learning about 3-digit numbers
Science- Chapter 2 - Animal groups and adaptations
Social Studies- Chapter 1- different types of communities and map skills
Reading- Journeys Lesson 4 please go to tab "class resources" and click on lesson 4 focus wall. 

Homework for the week of September 25th:____________________________________________

Monday: Spelling Menu Lesson 3 and math pages 19 and 20
Tuesday: Spelling Menu and math pages 21 and 22 Math Test Tomorrow
Wednesday: Spelling Menu only
Thursday: Spelling Menu and Math pages 24 and 25 Tomorrow will be reading assessment for our class reading, Dogs and phonics long a and i. 
Friday: Please check your child's folder and powerschool account for updates on assessment grades

ELA: Lesson 3- Please refer to focus wall
Math: Chapter 1 Number Concepts: Test on Wednesday- refer to curriculum map
Science: Chapter 2: Animals
Social Studies: Chapter 1: Communities
Religion: Review Ch. 1-2, Chapter 3

Welcome to the second full week of school____________________________________________

Monday: Math pages 9 and 10  Test Next Tuesday, September 26th. Chapter 1 Number Concepts. Please log on to your thinkcentral account to practice playing games and skills. 
Tonight is Back to School Night. I look forward to meeting everyone. Lesson 2 Spelling menu/ activities. Please remember to choose a different activity every day. 
Tuesday: Math pages 11 and 12 and spelling menu
Wednesday: Math pages 13 and 14 and spelling menu
Thursday: Math pages 15 and 16 and spelling menu
Friday: Review and play math games for our first math test.

Welcome to the first full week of school_______________________________________________


Every week there will be a spelling and reading assessment. This week we are studying Lesson #1 in Journeys, Henry and Mudge. Every night Monday- Thursday students will be asked to complete two math pages and one different spelling menu choice. We reviewed the choices in class. Homework will be checked daily. Students will always need to bring their math book and spelling book to class and bring them home every night. Please read every night too. Reading should be fun!

Monday: Math pages 3,4 and Spelling Menu activity
Tuesday: Math pages 5,6 and spelling menu activity
Wednesday: Math pages 7, 8 and spelling menu activity
Thursday: Math pages 9, 10 and spelling menu activity: Spelling quiz tomorrow 
Friday: Have a great weekend!! Please join us for Back to School Night on Monday

Reminders: Please fill out all forms sent home and please send in money for the assignment pad and for scholastic. $5 each

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(516) 432-8900

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