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St. Ignatius Reconciliation Saturday, January 26th 11:30 AM

Open House Sunday, January 27th (10 AM Mass) 11:00- 12:30
Below is our fun-filled week!
Monday 1/28- Silly Sock Day
Tuesday 1/29- Sports Day
Wednesday 1/30- Teacher Appreciation Day
Thursday- 1/31 Parents Club Activity- Family Math Games
Friday 2/1- Crazy Hat Day- Souper Bowl Dress Down

Grandparents' Day- 2/14 

Study Basic Math Facts!

Keep Reading! January Reading Menu Due Friday, February 1st 
(Complete Four Choices)

Homework Week of January 14th _____________________

Tuesday: Math pages 137, 138 and spelling menu Lesson 17
Wednesday: Math pages 139, 140 and spelling menu Lesson 17
Thursday: Math pages 141, 142 and spelling menu Lesson 17
Spelling and Reading Assessment tomorrow.

Relgion: Chapter 17: We Celebrate the Liturgy of the Word

Children learned we are united to Christ and one another at Mass. Students will learn the Liturgy of the Word is an integral part of Mass.

Vocabulary Focus: Liturgy of the Word, psalm, homily

We will focus on this chapter for two weeks Students will make picture books to help understanding and meaning.
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ELA-Lesson 17: Luke Goes to Bat
HFW: any, blue, carry, doing, else, room, studied, sure, teacher, turned
Vocab: practice, hurried, position, roared, extra, curb, cheered, final
Vocab Strategy: Antonyms
Phonics: Long i (i, igh, ie, y)
Comprehension Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Visualize
Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement
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Homework for January 28th week ___________________

Monday: Math pages 143, 144 and spelling Menu Lesson 18
Tuesday: Math pages 145, 146 and Spelling Menu Lesson 18
Wednesday: Math pages 147, 148 and Spelling Menu Lesson 18
Thursday: Math pages 149, 150 and Spelling Menu Lesson 18/ Spelling and Reading Assessment tomorrow/ February Reading Menu Due tomorrow!

ELA-Lesson 18: My Name is Gabriela

HFW: always, anything, been, draw, friends, mother, soon, under, watch, words
Vocab: accepted, express, taught, grand, pretend, prize, wonder, fluttering
Vocab Strategy: Suffixes -y and -ful
Phonics: Long e Sound for y, Change y to i
Comprehension Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Analyze and Evaluate
Grammar: The Verb be
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Monthly Focus-----------------------------------------------------------------

Math- Chapter 6: 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Students will learn how to draw quick pictures to represent 3-digit addition, use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract, break apart three-digit numbers, record 3-digit numbers using the standard algorithm with possible regrouping of ones-tens, solve problems involving 3-digit subtraction by using the strategy make a model- regrouping of tens- regrouping of hundreds, and record using the standard algorithm when there are zeros in the minuend.

Vocab: hundreds, tens, ones, addends, sums, regroup, difference
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Social Studies- Unit 4: Our Country Today

Students will learn about heroes, our country is a group of people who work together to run a city, state, and country, identify functions of government, roles of public officials,  chart and graph skills, federal government, characteristics of good citizenship, identify selected symbols, voting for leaders, map and globe skills, identify locations on maps, flags around the world, and patriotic songs.

Vocabulary Focus: government, mayor, citizen, governor, congress, president, freedom, motto, monument
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Science- Unit 6: Earth and Its Resources

Changes can occur to Earth’s surface. People need Earth resources like, rock, plants, and water. Students will be able to follow directions for an investigation to stimulate Earth changes by making a model earthquake. Plan and conduct and investigation to model Earth changes such as erosion. Identify ways Earth’s surface changes, compare and contrast fast and slow Earth changes, describe how plants reduce erosion.

Vocab. Focus: earthquake, volcano, flood, weathering, erosion, drought, Natural resource, product

Focus Questions:
How do you think rock changes or is worn down over time? What is an earthquake? Which fast change is caused by water? Which fast change is caused by water? Where does hot, melted rock come out fast or slow? 
Do you think these fast changes might be dangerous?

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