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November 6, 2017

Dear Families, 

I think that Fall is finally here!  As the weather gets cooler, please remember that the children will be going outside and should be dressed warmly!  Please also put their names on their jackets and other clothes.  It was great to see Halloween pictures and hear stories of all the fun that everyone had!  I also loved all of the bat projects.  I learned a lot and I know the other students did too!

This week we will continue learning about multiplication.  The children should be practicing their facts at home and getting their multiplication calendars signed at least four times a week.  We will continue learning different strategies for multiplying and the properties of multiplication over the next few days.  Then we will be going full steam ahead with learning those times tables!

This week we are working with the story What Do Illustrators Do? .  The children will be learning about using sequence words to write a how to guide.  We will be working on one together and then they will choose a task that will be broken down into steps.  In ELA we will also be learning the rules for using the tenses for verbs.  This will be a review, but it is very important that the children follow these rules in all of their writing.

Our next unit in social studies follows right along with the last one. We will be discussing how the geography and natural resources of our country affected the cultures and lifestyles of the Native Americans.  The children will be looking at how the cultures of different Native American groups were the same and different.

In religion we are talking about how Jesus asks us to spread the good news of God through our words and actions.  The children will be finding good news stories to share with the class and talking about what messages Jesus wants us to share with others.  

There are just a few other reminders.  First, please be sure that homework is completed, checked, and signed every night.  If your child is having trouble with a certain assignment, please let me know so that I can go over it the next day.  Also, please be sure that your child is studying for tests more than just the night before.  Regular review makes it easier when the children need to take a test.  Finally, if your child needs to make corrections on a test
Mrs. Toritto

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