Mrs. Toritto
January 21, 2018

Dear Families, 

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I was so impressed by the sports projects.  It was very interesting to hear about how technology has changed every sport.  The children also did a great job on their artifact journals in social studies.  I hope that you will be able to come see them during open house on Sunday!

This week in math we will continue practicing using division strategies.  We will also be learning divisibility rules for 2,5, and 10.  As always, the children should be practicing their facts regularly.  Please sign the calendar each time that your child practices.  The calendars will be checked every Friday.

We will be reading "Tops and Bottoms" this week.  We will be learning about how the author uses details to support the theme of the story. The children always enjoy this trickster tale, and very often can't decide which character did the wrong thing!  In ELA we will be reviewing skills for comparing and contrasting in writing.  We will also be working on the rules for using quotations in writing.  These are tricky!

The children have finished their artifact journals, so we will be moving on to learning about the immigrants of the late 1800s and early 1900s who helped to build communities.  We will be discussing ways that these immigrants were the same and different from the colonists and the pioneers as we learn about the way that they lived. 

In religion we will be learning about how we use creeds to share the beliefs that we have as Catholics.  The children will be getting copies of the creed that we say during Mass and we will be saying it in school so that everyone learns it and can understand it better.  

I hope that everyone has a great week!
Mrs. Toritto

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