April 12, 2018

I hope everyone had a great Easter Break! 

Here is what to expect in the coming month...

8th Grade Health:


Stress can take a painful toll on the lives of early adolescents. Students will learn how to cope with stress by viewing stressful situations as challenges rather than threats. Especially with entering the High School level next year, these skills can help be successful. 

We will be doing a small project that will be completed in class. Students will need to cut out pictures from magazines that each partner agrees CAUSES stress or RELIEVES stress. With each picture the groups need to explain, in paragraph form, as to why that certain picture causes or relieves stress

7th Grade Health:

Before we left for Easter Break, we covered the topic of stress. After we review how to handle stress in a healthy way, I will provide the students with the start of a narrative and the students will need to complete the narrative. The students must include in their narrative how this character becomes stressed, or why they are stressed, and eventually handles that stress in a healthy way. This paper will be written in class. 

6th Grade Health: 

Before we left for Easter Break, we discussed how to problem solve amongst friends and family. We will review what we covered before break as a refresher and then I will introduce their paper topic. I will provide the start of a narrative and the students will need to complete the narrative using the problem solving steps we discussed and took notes on in class. 

If anyone has any comments or concerns during the school year here is my email 

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