Mrs. Angst/Math

Summer TenMarks Assessments

There seems to be a problem with the Summer TenMarks assessments. The only assessments that you are required to complete are the 5 listed under classwork section due 7/29. The assignments listed under personal work with different due dates appear under each student in error but I am working with TenMarks Support to understand why they listed and to be able to remove them. Sorry for the confusion.

TenMarks assigments will be due on the Thursday of the week.

EXTRA HELP: The following are the days each class' extra help will be available. Extra help is from 7:30 - 8:00 AM. The students need to come to extra help with questions and problems that they are struggling with.

Mondays- 6th grade
Tuesdays - 7th Grade Math
Wednesdays - 7th Grade Accelerated Math
Thursdays - 8th Grade 
Fridays - Algebra

TenMarks Assessments: The students are given an assessment of ten questions each Monday which is due on Thursday of that week.  The topic will be on concepts and materials taught the week before. This assessment assignment will be graded as a test grade.

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