Mrs. Angst/Math

During the last two months of this school year, we are looking forward to many exciting things.

Spring Math Club will meet on Thursday May 9 and 23. 
During Math Club the students learned the workings of a checking account, saving account and credit card. The student learned how to write a check and how to use a bank ledger.

The students are all working on their Statistics and Probability units. 

All Middle Students will be assigned a Castle Learning weekly assignment. The assignment is due every Thursday night. Castle Learning is the new online assessment program that LBCRS is using for Math weekly practice.  Each student has been given a log in and password.

Oh, All the Places You'll Go! This is the theme of the 8th grade this year. You will be going to visit high schools, class trips in New York City and to the Berkshire Mountains. We will be buddies to the 1st graders, and performing service projects to the community.