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Students should be studying for the midterms.

 The 8th Grade research paper deadline was extended until January 16.  The extension was not given because the students were not ready; on the contrary, it was done because they exceeded expectations and I did not want them to rush a lower the quality of what they were engaged in.  As usual their six to eight page papers reached lengths of ten, twelve, fifteen and so on.  Great work from what I have read already.

7th Grade continues their learning of the Universe.  Each student has their open topic and has begun research in that area, which could include: 

The Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb and Their Missions 

The Kepler Mission and the Search for Habitable Planets

Black Holes & Quasars 

 Galaxies, & Nebulas 

Four Major Scientific Discoveries of the Universe and the Scientists Who Discovered Them

(Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, etc.) 

Recent Exploration of Mars & Future Missions

6th Grade continues boot camp grammar lessons; the only way to become better writers is to have a full understanding of the mechanics.

Language Arts & Reading

6th, 7th & 8th Grade

Midterm Review Sheet

            The grammar portion of the exam is what requires the most study and practice time.  Students have highlighted in the Table of Contents of their Grammar Practice Book the specific sections of the Units that will be on the test.

Grammar Practice Book:

Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the Grammar Practice book are on the exam.  However, the test will not include some portions of those units and each grade will be given information regarding which sections are eliminated for them; students have already highlighted these sections.

                The pages beginning the Grammar Practice Book, page 3 through 43, are an excellent tutorial.  I am also providing pre-tests that the students do in class, write notes on, and we correct.  These practice exams are exactly what the students will face and I offer tips on how questions and sections should be answered.

                The second part of the exam will consist of reading selections that the students have already read in class and new reading selections they would need to read and respond to in multiple choice questions, short writing samples, and extended writing samples.  The reading preparation is a much more classroom based learning.  This Reading part of the exam will be given after all other tests have been taken and some time has lapsed. 

Vocabulary tests will continue without interfering with midterms and there will be no accumulative vocabulary test. 


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