Mr. DeStefano
February 12, 2019

Materials for Class, Protest Movement Paper Due Date, Music History Tests & Recorder

Reminder for all 8th grade students to bring headphones to class on Friday, February 15th. Students will have the opportunity to research and listen to songs that can be used for the Protest Movement paper, which is due March 6th. If you have any questions about your topics or songs, please ask me outside of class or through email.

Reminder that 6th and 7th have their music history tests on Friday, February 15th. Each grade should check their Google Classroom for a Quizlet that can be used to study.

4th grade students should use this week off to practice their recorder. Playing quizzes will pick back up on Monday, February 25th.

-Mr. DeStefano
6th and 7th grade students can expect to have a test in the coming weeks.