Mr. DiGangi
WELCOME BACK!  September 4, 2018

I hope that each and every student, parent and teacher had a wonderful summer! It is time to change out of the bathing suit and get back to work at the school we all love.

Here are 2 things that I expect out of each grade level:
-Teamwork: In many ways teamwork is important for a student to grow. Teamwork builds trust and it builds friendships. 
-Be Humble: After a game is played, and a winner is decided, I expect the students to exhibit good sportsmanship.

I have big plans for this upcoming school year! At the middle school level and 5th grade, we will be focusing on team sports as well as fitness. The students will have a better understanding of the rules and gameplay of certain sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball, ect. I will also be incorporating exercise stations into the Physical Education class because exercise is vital to growth, mentally and physically. 

From Pre-K through 2nd grade we will be working on gross and fine motor skills as well as body awareness by the means of yoga and other games that utilize the full range of motion of certain joints. As the school year moves along I will incorporate games that focus on hand eye coordination by the use of small, soft balls. For example, underhand/overhand throws, kicking a ball properly, etc. 

3rd grade and 4th grade will be utilizing going through activities that focus on team work. Games played in the gym will require students to work with one another to complete a task. As the year moves forward I will utilize stations. In these stations, the students will perform age appropriate exercises, hand eye coordination skills, with a "mini game" that we rotate through so that each students has an opportunity to perform the task at each station. An example of a mini game would be 3 vs 3 soccer, 3 vs 3 basketball, modified volleyball, etc. 

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