Mr. DiGangi

Here are 2 things that we will be working on at each grade level:
-Teamwork: In many ways teamwork is important for a student to grow. Teamwork builds trust and it builds friendships. 
-Be Humble: After a game is played, and a winner is decided, I expect the students to exhibit good sportsmanship.

Thus far, the school year has been great! At the Middle School level, we have completed a basketball unit, a unit that the students were very successful. The next topic we will be doing is hockey! Hockey is a sport that is popular among the students, and is also a sport that must be modified. Each game we play will be a modified version so that the students can practice and learn how to control the puck, pass and shoot, all the while avoiding injuries. I will also be incorporating exercise stations into the Physical Education class because exercise is vital to growth, mentally and physically. 

Our students from Pre-K through 2nd grade are making huge improvements on their gross motor skills! To reinforce spatial awareness, yoga is being utilized as part of our warm up. I introduced what it means to have personal space for Pre-K and Kindergarten. 1st grade and second grade are getting into ball manipulation. We have worked on soccer skills, eventually playing a real game of soccer.    

3rd grade and 4th grade have been great completing a football unit, where they successfully learned how to throw a catch a football. We successfully completed a basketball unit as well. We are now moving onto a hockey unit where it will be station based, making sure the students can complete the skills necessary for the game of hockey.

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