Ms. Grant

​Week of April 9th


Students are working in Lesson 20. They are reading the story "The Black Stallion" as they examine the story structure and work on questioning to deepen their understanding of a text.  
5-2 loved our Book Tasting last week! The students are very excited about starting Book Clubs in May!

This week, we will focus on Holy Week and discuss the significance of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

5th Grade Social Studies:
This week, students will analyze the causes and effects of Westward Expansion. We are building background knowledge to prepare students for their Tall Tale writing in ELA. 

4th Grade Social Studies:
This week, we will start examining transportation and the ways it has changes over time. They will become detectives as they examine primary sources and come up with their conclusions about the Industrial Revolution.  

​Homeroom Reminders:
Students must be reading about 30 minutes each day. 

5-2 Special Schedule:
Monday -- Music
Tuesday -- Gym
Wednesday -- Computer
Thursday -- Library
Friday -- Spanish and Art

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