Ms. Grant

Week of October 15th

5th Grade Social Studies:
Students have finished learning about the Five Themes of Geography in stations and small groups. They have been working on applying the Five Themes of Geography to a country/major city in the Western Hemisphere. Students will complete their final projects and become Virtual World Travelers as they explore their classmates' country presentations in a World Gallery Hop! The project will consist of 3 major parts: a research essay, an informational travel brochure, and a visual component. 

4th Grade Social Studies:
Students have started working in stations as they were introduced to the Native American tribes of New York State. Students have been focusing on the Iroquois tribe as they examine their way of life, shelter, economy, and government. 

Homeroom Reminders:
IOWA testing begins on Tuesday 10/10
Winter Uniforms begin on Monday 10/16
Class Pictures on Monday 10/16
No School Tuesday 10/17 - Teachers Professional Day

5-2 Special Schedule:
Monday -- Music
Tuesday -- Gym
Wednesday -- Computer
Thursday -- Library
Friday -- Spanish and Art

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