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Scientist of the Month:
Sir Isaac Newton

Current Event on Friday:
  Class 4-1

Week of February 16th:
Please consider participating in our CSW fundraiser over the next two weeks! The Heartest Yard is a very special charity that provides care and support to families and children born with congenital heart defects. <3  


SCIENCE: Chapter 7: Properties of Matter

The physical properties of matter can be used to identify it even if it has changed states or has been mixed with other matter.

RELIGION:The First Commandment

"God, you alone are holy."

We believe in one true God.


SCIENCE:Chapter 13: Matter

All matter has properties that can be observed, described, and measured. 

Reminder! We are working out of our second Fusion textbook (version 5.2).

The Coming of the Holy Spirit.

"Holy Spirit, come to live among us."

On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples.

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Our Special Schedule: 
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Computer
Thursday- Gym and Library
Friday- Art


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