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Scientist of the Month:
Jane Goodall

Current Event on Friday:
  Class 5-2

Week of October 23rd:
Please be sure to send in your child's
permission slip and payment for The Bronx Zoo! 


SCIENCE: Chapter 4

Ecosystems are made up of both living and 
nonliving parts that impact one another.

The fourth grade will be working on a group STEM project this week. Their mission will be to research and design their very own zoo exhibit!

RELIGION:Parts of the Mass

 We will continue our chapter on
 Parts of the Mass.


 Chapter 4

All living things have observable
characteristics that allow them to be
classified. They pass these down to offspring.

Parts of the Mass

We will continue our chapter on
Parts of the Mass.

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Our Special Schedule: 
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Computer
Thursday- Gym and Library
Friday- Art