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Week of March 20th:  
The fourth grade will be taking the New York State ELA Exam on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. Testing will begin first thing in the morning, so let's try our best to be on time! :) 

ng 4-1:
This week, we are continuing with "Dear Mr. Winston." The skills that we plan to focus on this week are conclusions/generalizations, understanding characters, and humor. 

We will be tested on "Dear Mr. Winston" on Wednesday. 

Science 4th Grade:

We will begin a new Chapter this week. Unit B Chapter 2 will focus on Force and Motion. 

The students will be working out of an activity packet throughout the chapter. Please make sure this packet returns to school every day!

Science 5th Grade: 
Unit B Chapter 1: What is Matter?
Chapter Objective/Essential Questions...
1. What are elements?
2. What are compounds?
3. What are mixtures and solutions?
4. How can substances be described?
5. How do substances interact?

Test on Tuesday, March 21st
There is a study guide that located under the resource page. This will help the 5th graders study for our test.

Watch our Periodic Table Song here! 


 Religion 4-1:
We will be studying the Stations of the Cross.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime!

Our Special Schedule: 
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Library/Computer
Thursday- Gym and Library/Computer
Friday- Art


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