Mrs. Ryan
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Week of March 26, 2017

4-2 Reading: 
This week the students will read a new  informational text story about Mars. The students will read to understand author's purpose, and will gain an understanding of the early misconceptions about Mars. The students will also focus on identifying the main idea of what they have read and the details to support them. Further reading will allow the students to understand how scientists gather information about Mars and modern exploration of this planet.

4th Grade ELA
This week we will begin a new unit on Adverbs. The students will learn to identify adverbs of time, place, and manner 

5th Grade ELA
This week we will begin a new unit on tall tales. The students will read the short stories of John Henry and the Steel Driving Man and The Tales of Paul Bunyan. They will then identify theme and conflict within these tales. By the end of the week the students will begin writing their own tall tale by developing a narrative with characters, setting, conflict, and a solution to the conflict.

This week we will be learning about the significance of the number "40" in the Bible, and how it relates to the season of Lent.

Homeroom Announcements:
- This week the fourth grade will be taking the New York State ELA test. Testing will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The students have been preparing for this test over the course of the year within our curriculum, so there is nothing further for them to "study" or prepare for in order to sit for these exams. However, we do ask that the students get a good night sleep, and have a healthy breakfast before coming to school.  

- We are out of tissues, paper towels, and wipes in the classroom. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

- The fourth grade has been reminded several times about writing in script. Children should not be printing on any of their assignments, classwork, or tests. Please remind your children of this. Children who do not adhere to these guidelines, will be sent to academic detention to redo the assignment.

Thank you,

Mrs. Ryan

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