Meet The Teacher
Math.pngWelcome to Middle School Math.

I have been a teacher for 20 years. Before teaching, I was a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase as a Controller in their Credit Card Division.

I have a BA in Mathematics and two masters degrees. One of my masters degree is in Management Auditing and the other degree is in Elementary Education.
My teaching certifications are in Elementary Education and Secondary Education in Mathematics.

MATH, MATH, MATH is my favorite subject and I see Math in everyday life.

I have taught fifth grade at LBCRS for 15 years. I taught Math, Social Studies, Science and Religion. The last FOUR years I have been teaching Middle School Math including the Algebra class.

My favorite classroom memory was "cruising" in the fifth grade when the students and I turned our classroom into "Islands" with learning centers including the "Buffet Island." Also, taking the students to Philadelphia to see the history they were studying come to life. Last year, the 8th graders went on a class trip to New York City and we went on a dinner cruise around Manhattan and watching them dance with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop. Awesome!!!

When I am not teaching, I love to travel, read and ride my bicycle on the boardwalk.