Spring Sports

Welcome to the LBCRS Athletic Department!

 What kind of athlete are you?


Have a wonderful summer!  Watch the sun rise, watch it set.  Every day find time to run, play, swim, ride your bike and read. Say your prayers and hug your family.  See you in September.
Kids on chair 

Ty Koehn (R) struck out his friend Jack Kocon (L) to send Koehn’s team to the state tournament, but Koehn chose to comfort his friend before he celebrated with his team.
Sportsmanship always matters.

Fall Sports will begin September 10, 2018.
Some sports will have optional pre-season training.  Dates and times will be posted here. 
Athletic Department description and Letter to Parents:
Athletic Dept letter to Parents Fall 2018.docx
LBCRS Fall Sports Registration Form 2018.docx

LBCRS Sports
Required forms:
1. Medical Release
2. Medical Questionnaire
3. Concussion Form
4. Generic permission 2018-19
5. Physical (current) obtain from doctor
Congratulations to our
 LBCRS 2018 graduates!
Jaime Whelan Foundation

Cross Country Awards

Sports Celebration 2018
Congratulations to all of our athletes!

2018 Track and Field Nationals
 LBCRS graduates Maggie Maier, Anna Kavanagh, and Marie Naudus, all representing Sacred Heart Academy, competed at the New Balance Track and Field Outdoor National Championships last weekend.  The 4x800 relay team had a tremendous second place finish.   Congratulations to all of the athletes and their exceptional effort on the national stage.
NBN Results
Congratulations to Connor Bohm, LBCRS '17
 Chaminade Varsity A Golf Team
2018 NSCHSAA Champions

Connor Bohm


Congratulations to Sean Crotty, LBCRS '14
Kellenberg Memorial High School
Male Student Athlete 2018
Sean Crotty

Play outside!
Walk a thon
Tee box
Jillian, Lucas and Caleb

Please stay safe this summer.  Use sunscreen and stay hydrated.  Be safe near pools and the ocean and learn how to swim.



 Surf Team
Grades 1-8
Thank you Coach Cliff, Coach Will, Coach OC, Coach Anthony and all of the Skudin coaches for a great season.  Thank you also to Mrs. Kallelis and to Mr. Thornton for all you do for the team.
Thornton Family
Surf Team



Boys Lacrosse Team
Boys, 6-8th Grade
Thank you Coach Tim Murphy for a great season.

Boys lacrosse

Congratulations the the 
LBCRS Boys Lacrosse Team

CMSAA Sportsmanship Award Recipient
Spring 2018


Girls Lacrosse Team

Girls, 6-8th Grade
Thank you Coach Anthony Cifarelli for a great season.

Team 2018

Coach Anthony

Congratulations to the 
LBCRS Girls Lacrosse Team 
on their undefeated season!!

Congratulations the the LBCRS Cross Country Team

CMSAA Sportsmanship Award Recipient
Fall 2017

CC Team

Father Brian leads over 150 athletes and parents in prayer at a recent Cross Country meet at Eisenhower Park. 

Father Brian



Jump Rope Club
Boys and Girls, 1-4 grade
Thank you Coach DiGangi and Coach Lawless
for a great season!

Fall Jump Rope Club 2018 starts September 13, 2018.
 Jump Rope Club  

 Golf Club
  Boys and Girls, grades 3-8
Grades 3-5, 3-4:30 PM
Grades 6-8, 4:30-6 PM

 Thank you Coach Jeff Calais, Coach Steven
and Coach James for a great season.
Fall Golf Club starts September 11, 2018.

Spring Golf
Spring Golf



Running Club-Spring
Boys and Girls, grades 3-5
Thank you Coach Robin for a great season!
Fall Running Club will begin September 14, 2018.

Running Club


Tennis Club

Thank you to LB Tennis Center and
 moderator Meg Lawless for a great season!

Fall Tennis Club will begin September 10, 2018.

Fall Volleyball Clinic
Sacred Heart Academy
Girls K-8
See attached flyer.
Volleyball clinic SHA.pdf


Girls Basketball Team
    Our thanks to Coach Grant for her leadership and to Coach Griffin for his constant support.

Girls Basketball Team
8th grade girls hoops

Boys Basketball Team

  Our thanks to Coach Dennis.
Boys Basketball Team


Volleyball Team 

Thank you Coach Byrne and Coach Linda for a great season. 



Cross Country Team
Thank you Coach Kavanagh and Coach DiGangi
for a great season.

Congratulations to the LBCRS Girls Cross Country team on their CMSAA League Championship and their All Saints Race victory.  

CC Team

Girls Soccer

Thank you Coach Jioia and Coach Larson for a great season.

Girls Soccer


Boys Soccer 
 Thank you Coach Tim for a great season!




Equestrian Club
 If interested, please email Mrs. Joyce.

Beginner Equestrian


Skateboard Club
The club hopes to find a new venue. 
Skate 2017

Ping Pong Club
Coming soon.
Marie and Frank Naudus, LBCRS '17, continue to succeed at their respective high schools,
Sacred Heart Academy and Chaminade.

Marie Naudus
Frank Naudus


Luke Kelly, LBCRS '15, shows off his powerful style 
as he 
throws the shot put for the Chaminade Track and Field team. 
Luke Kelly

 LBC Grads
Kyra O'Driscoll, Grace Flynn and Ellie Kavanagh 
are all smiles after a late season lacrosse game.

Rookies graduate
Thank you to all who supported the  LBCRS  Cross Country Team's
 Annual Toys for Tots toy drive.  
God Bless our Veterans!

Congratulations to 

Maggie Maier, Sacred Heart Academy,
on her selection to 
Newsday's All-Long Island
Girls Cross Country Team 2017
Maier Newsday

Congratulations to 
Tim deMeij, Chaminade,
on his selection to 
Newsday's All-Long Island
Boys Soccer Team 2017
Tim d

Congratulations to
 Mrs. Cathy vonSchoenermarck,
Newsday's Nassau County Coach of the Year

Girls Volleyball, Kellenberg  HS.

Cathy von

Basketball clinic

Congratulations to Max Almonte
 LBCRS '06

Max Almonte

Max Almonte continues to live out his childhood dream of playing professional baseball. Max is an LBCRS and Holy Trinity graduate  and was selected in the 2015 MLB Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. The right handed pitcher currently plays for the Class A Peoria Chiefs. Not only has Max lived out his dream of playing professional baseball in the United States, but baseball has also provided him with another great opportunity. Both Max's parents were born in the Dominican Republic making Max eligible to participate in the Dominican Republic Winter League. In September Max was drafted to tryout for the Dominican Republic team and was selected as a reserve for the national team. He will start his upcoming spring season back in Peoria, Illinois. This will be Max's 4th season as a professional pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. 

SHA Senior Day
Congratulations to Christine Schmidt

Christine was named Holy Trinity Cross Country MVP.
Christine and Lizzie
Christine and her sister, Lizzie, LBCRS '17.

Congratulations to Anthony Perchinelli

Anthony was named Holy Trinity Cross Country Most Improved.
Michael, LBCRS '17, Mrs. Perchinelli and Anthony.

Congratulations to the following LBCRS graduates who all did well at the Nassau Suffolk Catholic High School Athletic Association (NSCHSAA) Winter Track Championships: 

Brendan Gola (Chaminade)
Seamus Graham (Kellenberg)
Anna Kavanagh (Sacred Heart) (2nd, 1000 m)
Luke Kelly (Chaminade) (9th, shot put)
Maggie Maier (Sacred Heart) (1st, 3000 m)
Brendan McGrath (Chaminade)
Frank Naudus (Chaminade)
Marie Naudus (Sacred Heart)(8th, 1000 m) 
Michael Perchinelli (Holy Trinity)
John Phelan (Chaminade)
Aidan Potter (Kellenberg)
Amanda Sciano (Holy Trinity)
Catherine Sciano (Holy Trinity)(3rd, triple jump)
Christine Schmidt (Holy Trinity)
Chris Stringer (Chaminade)

CHSAA Intersectional Championships
Maggie Maier (1st, 3000 meters)
Catherine Sciano (2nd, triple jump)
Anna Kavanagh, Marie Naudus, Christine Schmidt, Frank Naudus, George Haff and Luke Kelly, all with excellent results.

For detailed results, click here:

CHSAA Intersectional


Jump Rope Club
Sports can help us to find our path in life.
 Where will sports take you?
Sally Joyce MSG
With plenty of time left on the shot clock, Sally Joyce, LBCRS '10,
has scored a job with Madison Square Garden.