Mrs. Tamulinas

artOCTOBER 2018

Welcome to Art!!!!

This year we will be working on many new and exciting projects. Please check back monthly to see what each grade level is accomplishing! 


*10/22/18- All artwork MUST be returned to Mrs. Tamulinas
(we have some, but send in any you did at home!)
*10/24/18- We will be shipping artwork back to SQUARE1ART!
*11/19/28- We will be receiving personalized order forms and free stickers.  Children will take these home and then you have the option to order what products you want! (Prices and products will be on the form!)
You can also check out their website:
You have the option of ordering online OR sending in paper orders to Mrs. Tamulinas
*12/18/18- Products will arrive at school (we will sort them out and send home before Christmas vacation!)

A link for you to download and print the fundraiser art paper can be found under "USEFUL LINKS"

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