Mrs. Mascolo's Art

May 5th Earth Day Activities!
Recycled Bottle Cap Mural

As we celebrate Earth Day on May 5th, we will be working on a collaborative art mural made of recycled bottle caps!  This school wide activity will be in conjunction with other Earth Day activities; preparing our grounds for spring, planting flowers, and working on the community memorial gardens.

So, start collecting your caps!  Tops can be found anywhere: peanut butter jars, yogurt drinks, water, soda, milk, and OJ; just to name a few.  Please bring in plastic bottle caps of all colors and sizes.

The class that collects the most bottle caps from now until Thursday May 4th will win a special outdoor art experience!    How many will you bring?  There will also be a table set up in the cafeteria for you to add to the collection! The more caps we collect will make for a beautiful collective piece.


Parents and Grandparents…If you are interested in helping on Earth Day with the art project, please email me at  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We look forward to a fun filled day!

 Note about Artwork
At the end of the year is the annual Art and Music Show.  Each and every student will have 1 piece of art in the show.  Therefore I will be keeping all artwork to ensure your artist's best art is showcased.  All artwork will be handed back home at the end of May. Come and support your artist in June!