Mrs. Batus

March 23, 2017!!!

Dear Parents,

Happy Thursday!  I hope you all enjoy your long weekends and get a chance to get some fresh air!  A springlike weekend is promised!

The children worked very hard this week and should be proud of themselves!

Here are the plans for the week we come back (3-27-17!!):

Our theme is "Mysterious Movers" and our word of the week is "mysterious" We will look at the letter
 this week, including its sound and formation.

During Meeting Time, Fanny Frog will sing some songs with us:

-"Rock a Bye Birdie"
Tuesday - "Niagra Falls"
Wednesday - "Nursery Rhyme Rap"
Thursday - Mister Moon"
Friday - "My Busy Garden"

Big Idea:

- The wind is a mysterious mover.
Tuesday - The ocean is a mysterious mover.
Wednesday - Gravity is a mysterious mover.
 - The sun and moon are mysterious movers.
Friday -
Animals can be mysterious movers.

Phonological Awareness:

We will continue with word segmentation and syllable work each day. We will also continue rhyming and beginning sounds. We will continue to look at end sounds, and continue to look at middle sounds.

Literacy Time:

This week we will explore and discuss forces in nature that are mysterious movers, as well as a focus on our muscles as mysterious movers!!


 Mysterious Movers
Tuesday -re-read Mysterious Movers
Wednesday - Monster Coaster - story folder
Thursday - Twinkle, the Little Star
Friday -
Ms. Bumblebee Gathers Nectar - a listening story


We will measure how far our breath can move simple objects, add the number of boys and girls in our class and add up all of the items waves can move.  We will also continue with simple addition and subtraction.  

We will continue with our Seeds magazines this week and will continue throughout the year.  Seeds helps the children know about each Sunday's gospel story in advance, as well as follow-up activities to connect to the gospel.  We will listen to  Jesus Has Friends.


Pat Batus

Thanks to all of the parents for their input and understanding that came out during our Parent Teacher Conferences.  I am truly blessed to work alongside such gentle, common sense individuals!  In the end, it is all about the children :)

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