Mrs. Batus

May 1, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Sunday!  I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends; yesterday was more like summer than spring!  Signs of things to come!!  The children worked very hard last week and should be proud of themselves; they are getting to be very good at sounding out words and printing!  Their Kindergarten teachers will be very happy!!

Here are the plans for this week (5-1-2017!!):

Our theme is "More Bugs" and our word of the week is "metamorphosis." We will work on the letter "Dd" this week, both its formation and sound.

Big Idea:

- Butterfly starts with "b."
Tuesday - Jump begins with "j."
Wednesday - Snail and slug begin with "s."
Thursday - Spider begins with "s."
Friday - Worm begins with "w."

Phonological Awareness:

We will continue with word segmentation and syllable work each day. We will also continue rhyming and beginning sounds. We will continue to look at end sounds, and continue to look at middle sounds.  We will begin blending during these last weeks of school.

Literacy Time:

This week we will continue to explore insects.


 The Ant and the Chrysalis
Tuesday -Sara Sydney's Runaway Adventure
Wednesday - Can You Move With Me?
Thursday - a story folder: The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Friday -
a re-read of Wednesday's story


We will continue with simple addition and subtraction.We will also review ordinal numbers.

We will continue with our Seeds magazines this week and will continue throughout the year.  Seeds helps the children know about each Sunday's gospel story in advance, as well as follow-up activities to connect to the gospel.  


Pat Batus

A story to share:  Last week, Bryan Sepp "adopted" a pet bee!  Mrs. Sepp showed Miss Lawless and I a video in which Bryan allows a bumble bee to crawl into his hand and he actually was able to pet it!  AWESOME!!

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