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November 6, 2017

Happy November. I hope you all had a great weekend.

If you are ordering a new lunch item for your child, can I ask that you also send in a lunch you know your child will eat if they don't like what was ordered. Thank you.

Just a few reminders:
Changes in transportation MUST be in writing.
Your child will be coming home with a folder each day. Please be sure to go through the folder and take out any notices that may be in there.
Please be sure to send in one HEALTHY snack for your child. Please also send in a drink with their lunch and a spoon, if needed. Please try to refrain from sending in peanut butter with your child.
The children have started to practice writing their name (the first letter of their name should only be capitalized). Please give them practice at home with this, as well.
Each week our class page will be updated. This will give you information about what we will be learning in class, important events, due dates, field trips, etc. The sidebar on the left will be updated with useful links to websites for you and your child, as well as our calendar. At the bottom of the web page, you will find our special schedule.

When writing, please only use pencil......unless otherwise noted.
Practice letters and their sounds.


Letters of the week: e, r
Sight word of the week: we, she, he
We will be spending the next 12 weeks on letter sound recognition and letter formation (lowercase letters).
We will create lists of words that have the letter sound in them. Please practice this skill at home with your child. The children must be familiar with all letters, as well as the sounds they make.
We are also learning about rhyming words. We have learned that rhyming words must end the same.

We will finish Chapter 4- Counting and Writing Number 6-9. The children will learn how to count and write 10. They will also learn that you have 10 when a ten frame is complete. We will also practice how to write numbers correctly. Please encourage your child to count real life objects.

We will be learning about Veteran's Day.

We will be to talk about all the gifts God has given us and how thankful we are for those gifts.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments throughout the year, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Volpe

Specials Schedule:
Monday: Spanish
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Gym and Art
Thursday: Library
Friday: Music

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